MasterChef Australia Season 13 has a winner and it is none other than Indian origin Justin Narayan, and Indians have all the reasons to be happy about the final outcome. The competitive cooking game has been won by Justin Narayan, who beat three other contestants in the finale of the season.

About Narayan’s win

Narayan, who is a 27-year-old pastor from Western Australia, became the second Indian-origin contestant to win the competition. Narayan bagged a reward of $2,50,000 (Rs 1.86 crore) by beating fellow finalists Kishwar Chowdhury and Pete Campbell.

Narayan impressed the judges in the finale by cooking Indian dishes like Indian Chicken Curry, pickle salad, Charcoal chicken with Toum, and Flatbread.

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Justin’s reaction after the win

Shortly after being declared the winner, the 27-year-old took to Instagram and wrote: “Find people that believe in you. Back yourself. Go hard and hopefully you’ll surprise yourself! Whoever’s reading this I love you.”


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Further thanking and expressing his gratitude towards the show and other contestants he wrote: “I just won MasterChef Season 13, 2021. What the actual heck? It’s a surreal feeling. It’s going to take a while to sink in. I’m keen to party with these guys, but a huge thank you to the judges, the other contestants – Pete, Kishwar. Pete in particular. ‘I freaking love you, bro’. This has just been the best experience of my entire life and my mind is blown.”

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His Inspiration and Aspirations for the win

Narayan said his Fijian and Indian heritage influenced his cooking during the competition, adding his mother is one of his biggest inspirations.

His dream is to own a restaurant that will serve Indian dishes he grew up eating. Among other things, he wants to educate underprivileged children living in slums in India with a part of his earnings.

Check the video of the show and his win

Video Courtesy: Rasin Hossain

The Contestant who became famous for the dish she prepped- Kishwar Chowdhury

Kishwar Chowdhury from Bangladesh amused the judges of the recently-wrapped MasterChef Australia season 13 with her panta bhaat, a simple dish popular in the eastern region of the Indian subcontinent.

Chowdhury also presented this dish the traditional way, with side dishes of a home-style aloo mash and sardines fry. She prepared a Bengali dish, Panta Bhaat, for the final feast. She called the dish Smoked Rice Water and served it with Aloo Bhorta and Sardines.

What is Panta Bhaat? And why are the Netizens Amazed?

Naturally, netizens in the region went wild with appreciation for Chowdhury’s home-pride move. Panta bhaat, also known as poita bhaat or pakhala bhaat, is nothing but leftover rice that has been fermented overnight. This dish a favourite is the wide range of side dishes that can accompany it, varying according to the season.