Recently, 19-yo-Maitri Patel became India’s youngest commercial pilot. Often at a young age, we read inspirational stories. But there are only a few of them who become the hero of these inspirational stories. Childhood dreams and fascination generally get past. But Maitri is one of them who pushed her dreams to reality.


Maitri Patel from Surat, Gujrat has stolen the headlines by becoming India’s youngest commercial pilot.

Given the opportunity by her father, Maitri worked so hard that she completed her 18-month flight-training course in just 11 months and achieved the commercial license of a pilot. She called her father to the USA on completion of her course and flew with him at an altitude of 3500 feet.

It was the first time when she was living her dreams with pride in her eyes. At the age of figuring out your carrier choice, Maitri has become an inspiration to all.

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How Maitri Patel’s Journey Started?

When Kantilal Patel, Maitri’s father used to ferry people from Surat to Mumbai airport for his living, he used to see planes take off. He wished that one day his daughter could fly a plane and travel the world.

Maitri was just 8 years old when she saw a plane for the first time in her life. She was so fascinated that she decided to become a pilot at that moment. Maitri just waited till the completion of her high school and left for the US for her flight training.

On completion of her course within 11 months, she returned to India and got a warm welcome from her family at the airport.

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Real Life Turbulences Faced by the Maitri Patel

People generally forget and set aside their dreams blaming their circumstances and obstacles. But no obstacle could stop Maitri from achieving her dreams. She found poverty and hardship as her biggest challenges on the way to her success.

The financial crisis faced by her family did not stop them to provide their daughter with all the facilities she required to fulfill her dreams. Even though Maitri’s father was a farmer and her mother a civil employee in Surat Municipal Corporation’s Health Department, Maitri got an education in a private English-medium school.

Kantilal also sold part of his ancestral land for his daughter’s flight-training course in the United States of America.

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Maitri’s Achievement Lauded by Many

Maitri’s achievement is being talked about all across the country. Even the Chief Minister of Gujrat, Shri Vinay Ramniklal Rupani congratulated Maitri on meeting her as well as on Twitter.

Maitri now aims to become a captain and fly a Boeing aircraft for which she is going to be trained soon. Maitri Patel is not only a pride for the nation but also a motivation for young boys and girls.

Maitri Patel has set an example that your age and gender don’t decide your ability and dreams. Achieving success at such a young age has made her a role model for the young generation. She proved that no obstacles can stop you from living your dreams if you are committed to them.