15-year-old Abigail Beck is allergic to something we can’t imagine our lives without. A US teen, Abigail is so allergic to water, that even her own tears feel like acid to her. An Arizona resident, Abigail can’t take long showers, and only drinks water in small portions so that her allergy doesn’t get triggered.

While some may consider Abigail’s condition to be an attempt to get attention, it should be noted that she suffers from aquagenic urticaria, condition so rare that it has only 100 cases on record in the world.

In an NY Post report, Abigail was quoted saying, “I cry like a normal person, and it hurts. It runs my life, but I don’t want it to. I throw up if I drink water, my chest hurts really bad and my heart starts beating really fast.”

While most people can’t imagine our days without chugging down a few glasses of water, especially Indians during the 2022 heat wave, Abigail doesn’t drink a lot of water. She hasn’t had a full glass of water in over a year. To meet her hydration needs, she takes rehydration tables and focuses on consuming energy beverages, and also relies on pomegranate juice.

The Facts of the Matter

We have all heard of people struggling with allergies regarding certain condiments, seeds, and other food items, but there is a girl in US who is allergic to what we all know, is lifeline. Yes, you guessed it correctly, the 15-year-old teen in US is allergic to water, and can’t even taste her own tears as they feel “acid” to her.

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What is Aquagenic Urticaria?

15-year-old Abigail Beck is a resident of Arizona, Texas and suffers from aquagenic urticaria, a rare condition that causes itches on a spot that gets contact with water. The condition is as rare as it sounds, with only 100 cases on record across the world.

Due to her condition, it hurts every time she cries or takes a shower or drinks a lot of water. In her interview to Kennedy News, she explained tears as the “one of the worst parts” of her allergies as they burn her face. “I throw up if I drink water, my chest hurts really bad and my heart starts beating really fast,” she said.

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How Did Abigail Get Diagnosed with Aquagenic Urticaria

Beck was diagnosed with aquagenic urticaria in April earlier this year after she complained doctors that her tears felt like acid to her. She also complained that taking a shower caused itchy spots on her body. She first experienced the symptoms of her condition when she first hit puberty.

It took a while for her to get diagnosed due to the rare and incomprehensible nature of the allergy. The allergy started progressing slowly and as time passed, it got worse. Things escalated when Abigail experienced what it is like to be in rain, or as she calls it, “it felt like acid”.

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Life with Water Allergy

Due to her condition, she barely indulges in physical intensive activities as sweating hurts and can also lead to dehydration. When she really has to step out in rain, she makes sure to cover herself up in jackets and multiple layers of sweatpants.

The worst part for Abigail is the lack of information regarding the matter and not knowing what to do if it grows worse from this point. “I’m scared that if it gets out of control one day, no one will know what to do including myself. I don’t even know how to help myself,” she was quoted saying in an NY Post report.


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