Chennai’s very own Robinhood, who reportedly looted once only for the purpose of giving it back to the poor and needy was recently arrested for his crimes. The accused in the matter was identified as 33-year-old Anburaj, a resident of Egmore. The incident was reported from Tambaram locality in Chennai where a complaint was filed against the accused, following which, he was arrested.

Not only does the accused’s actions are in line with popular heroic outlaw Robin Hood, who used to steal from rich and provide to the poor, it also follows the storyline of popular 1993 film Gentleman. The 1993 Tamil film followed the character of Kicha who used to steal from the wealthy and give it away to those who were in need of money the most.

After a case was registered against the accused in Tambaram, an investigation was kicked off. The investigation led the police to 33-year-old Anburaj, who confessed of committing robberies. The accused confessed that in the last four months, he looted one house in the Perungalathur area. He also confessed of selling the valuables, and paying for food and essentials for homeless people.

During the confession, the accused also said that he got satisfaction in buying food and essentials for needy with the valuables he stole, and was further not concerned about being imprisoned.

The Facts of the Matter

The legend of Robin Hood is unbeknownst to not many. Children and teens have grown hearing the stories of a outlawed criminal, who used to steal from the rich, and then distribute the stolen money to the poor for their sustenance. While his actions were certainly problematic, the character was widely loved for his humour, daring antics, and support for those who are underprivileged.

The Chennai police recently arrested its city’s own Robinhood, who reportedly looted a home at least once a month to steal valuables, and then sell them to get cash using which he got food and essentials for the poor.

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Man Finds Valuables Stolen, Files Complaint

The matter came to the fore after a 55-year-old man in Chennai’s Tambaram was shocked to see the doors of his home broken and his valuables stolen. He also realized that someone stole eight gold sovereigns kept in the locker.

The 55-year-old took to the local police station and filed a police complaint. Soon, an investigation was kicked off in the matter. The cops started analyzing the CCTV footage near the place where the last robbery was committed.

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CCTV Leads Cops to Accused

The CCTV footage led the cops to 33-year-old Anburaj, who lives by the road side in Egmore. It took the cops 10 days to find Anburaj after looking for him near the Egmore railway station and other nearby areas. Anburaj was taken into questioning, and later confessed the crime.

In his confession, Anburaj admitted committing a robbery at least once a month in the last four months in the Perungalathur area itself.

Robin Hood’s Gives Confession

The accused admitted that he had been committing robberies for the past 10 years.

When asked about what he did with the stolen valuables, he said that he used to sell it to pay for food, clothes and other necessities for people who sleep on the road around the railway station.

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Not Afraid of Prison

During his confession, he also confessed that he only got satisfaction in buying the essential necessities for the needy with the valuables he stole, and is not afraid of being imprisoned.

The accused was arrested and 11 sovereigns of gold jewellery were recovered from him.


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