From attempting suicide to becoming the nation’s youngest chief executive officer, Radhika Gupta has made great strides. Radhika is the sole female CEO of a major wealth management firm in India, and she has also penned a book titled Limitless, The Power of Unlocking Your True Potential. The book is often regarded as the best counsel a twenty-one-year-old can obtain.

Radhika has created a path for others to follow. Despite the barriers in her path, she cracked the conventional social barriers and is paving the road for others.


Radhika Gupta was born with a wonky neck, which she endured as a youngster as a reason for mockery and rejection. Her father was a diplomat, so she stayed in Pakistan, New York, and Delhi before settling in Nigeria.

When she told a media house about her ordeal, she said that having painful schooling wasn’t enough.” They drew comparisons between me and my mother, who was employed at my school. People often criticized how awful I looked in comparison to her, and my self-esteem suffered greatly,” she explained.

She was also turned down for a number of jobs. She was on the verge of a breakdown after her 7th job rejection at the age of 22. After being bullied for her appearance and attempting suicide at the age of 22, she proceeded to become one of India’s youngest CEOs at the age of 33!


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Radhika Gupta’s Life-Changing Event

As she presented her story, Gupta remarked on a life-changing event “Childhood anxieties about my appearance, rejection issues, and a suicide attempt. I let go of all burden I’d been carrying around with me.” Now, when people ask me whether I have a twisted neck or a squint in my eyes, I just say, ‘Yes, I do have a twisted neck and a tilt in my eyes.'” What defines you from others?

Despite her several accolades, Gupta believes the most essential is “accepting her shortcomings and acknowledging that they do not make her any less charming.

My Husband Motivate me for Career Goals: Radhika Gupta

She also talks about how her husband motivated her to apply for the CEO position at Edelweiss MF. “I took a breath and paused.’ What makes you think they’d hire me?’ I was perplexed. ‘You’re the best candidate for the job!’ my husband convinced me.”

Message for Female Managers

Identify and polish your skills, and strive to improve on the suggestions you receive. As I frequently educate my team, we are all works in progress and geniuses at the same time. Seek senior female coaches in your organization who can encourage you on your path to leadership. Finally, you will receive a wealth of information about what has worked for others, what to do, and how to act. Listen very closely, but keep in mind that you are an individual. I promise you that if you tell your own journey, the world will hear.


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