Nagalakshmi, a cook with visual impairment, makes her upbeat video to tell us that the ideal meal is simple. Despite being visually impaired, she maintains a functional YouTube channel where her followers like and appreciate her. Let’s meet India’s only visually impaired successful You Tuber, Naga Lakshmi. Boddu Naga Lakshmi serves as a role model for individuals who blame their failures on external factors.


Boddu Naga Lakshmi makes YouTube videos every day because she wants to serve others and make them smile. Lakshmi was first introduced to YouTube when her brother Adi Reddy began uploading videos and garnered a sizable following. She provided him financial aid to establish his YouTube channel, Movie Cric News. Lakshmi decided to launch her channel, where she uploads cooking videos with the assistance of Adi’s wife, Bondala Kavitha. She has more than 2.5 lakh subscribers, and her work garnered a significant response.

Naga Lakshmi’s purpose in launching the vlog was to present a genuine, unfiltered insight into their daily lives. Lakshmi, whose right eye has barely 10% vision, says, “So what if I can’t see? Others can, and I can train them to make my delicacies in the kitchen”. Some of the most loved YouTube videos include Nellore Pappu Charu, Raggi Puttu, and others. Take a peek of her YouTube channel:

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Naga Lakshmi’s Inspiring Journey

Boddu Naga Lakshmi, born visually impaired, went through her teenage years with the assistance of her family, notably her brother Adi Reddy, who was constantly by her side. It was a massive trauma to the family when the mother of the brother-sister duo died suddenly a few years ago. Despite her disability, she used to clean and prepare meals for her family. Before finding success in life, Boddu Naga Lakshmi and her brother Adi Reddy struggled with financial and mental barriers. After becoming famous for posting reviews of movies, Big Boss Telugu episode reviews, and fantasy cricket strategies on YouTube, her brother’s career took off in 2018. With a YouTuber in the family, Boddu Naga Lakshmi was captivated by the platform following her brother’s marriage with Bondala Kavitha. Adi Reddy’s wife, Kavitha, has been a massive aid in making videos with Naga Lakshmi. She and Kavitha created 89 videos together and garnered a shitload of positive responses from all over the State.

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Boddu Naga Lakshmi won the Praise of Sonu Sood

Last year, she contributed Rs 15,000 to the Sood Charity Foundation and the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund for COVID-19-affected families. In addition, she gave a financial donation of Rs 60,000 to purchase sports items for the kids in her village. Even after gaining such fame, Boddu Naga Lakshmi hasn’t lost her compassion. Naga Lakshmi and her brother were invited to launch the oxygen plant in Nellore by Bollywood’s humanitarian Sonu Sood.

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Boddu Naga Lakshmi Happily Giving Back to Society

She is pleased that she can now give back to society and always looks forward to receiving fan mail, notes, and calls that catch her by surprise each day. The success of Boddu Naga Lakshmi is a remarkable illustration of what someone can do by absolute determination.


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