When blood, sweat, and tears come together, no dreams are too big, no mountains too high and no goals too challenging. Meet Manya Singh, a small-town rickshaw driver’s daughter who proved this by getting crowned the coveted VLCC Femina Miss India 2020 runner-up title. Her challenges and the sweet fruit they bore is a tear-jerking story that has left the Indian netizens inspired. 

Manya Singh’s uphill battle with life and her recent triumph got viral on the Internet when she took to Instagram and spilled the secrets of her turbulent journey so far. Manya in the caption of her post told her fans how she had a difficult childhood. As a young student, she was ignored by her classmates for being the daughter of a rickshaw driver. But Manya’s unwavering spirit helped her no never quit and later she went on to win the “Best Student” award in her school.  


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Manya wrote how her parents had to make the tough choice to mortgage whatever little jewelry her mother had, to pay for her exam fees. That’s not all, Manya was forced to learn the art and science of managing money because of the touch situation at her house. She continued her journey and became a dishwasher in the evening and a call center employee during the nights. Tough times make tough people and Manya is the epitome of the phrase.  

Manya dedicated her victory to her father, mother and younger brother and wrote, “I am here today at the VLCC Femina Miss India 2020 stage to uplift my father, my mother, and my young brother and to show the world that all is possible if you are committed to yourself and your dreams.”  

Fortune truly favours the brave. As Manya continued with her studies and hard work in the world of modeling that she sees herself in, fortune also smiled on her. Today, she has made the small town of Kushinagar (Uttar Pradesh) where she comes from proud and elated.