Pictures of ‘The Boss’, labelled as the ‘world’s toughest bear’, who reportedly survived a train collision, and ended up fathering 70% cubs in its region, has gone viral. The 600lb killing machine has been roaming around a Canada-based national park, and has gained popularity thanks to his escapades and sheer size.

The report comes from the Banff National Park, Canada. Recently, ‘The Boss’ was captured by wildlife photographer Jason Leo Bantle, and if a picture is worth thousand words, Bantle’s clicks are nothing short of a long novel.

When Jason began following the tracks of an unidentified grizzly, little did he know that he would come close to encountering the ‘world’s toughest bear’, popularly known as ‘The Boss’. Fortune smiled on Jason, and eventually, he ended up meeting The Boss not once, but twice the same day.

The Boss has been no stranger to headlines, having stirred the buzz for eating other black bears, surviving a train colliding with it, and further fathering 70% of the cubs in its region.

In his interview, Jason detailed the majestic opportunity of witnessing The Boss, and said, “The light was fading right like it was sunset, the mountains were lit up behind them. I mean, it was just a gorgeous scene of nature. And with a legend; he’s legendary, this guy.”

The Facts of the Matter

In video gaming terms, grizzly bears are animals that are ‘OP’. OP stands for ‘overpowered’, a term used by gamers to call out a nemesis or a player so strong, that it’s unfair to others. With their thick fur, agility to climb trees, and ferocity to tear through other animals, bears are the most respected and feared animals living today.

Among grizzly bears is ‘The Boss’, who is an exception among exceptions. A bear so strong, it was able to survive after a train hit it. A bear so ferocious, it has been known for tearing through and eating other black bears. A bear, who has been responsible for fathering 70% cubs in his region.


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Photographer Follows Bear Tracks

So when wildlife photographer Jason Bantle got the opportunity to capture The Boss in a frame, he was ecstatic. The incident comes from Banff National Park, Canada and pictures taken by Jason have since been making rounds of social media.

Jason was reportedly out on a wild excursion in the wild earlier in November. Excited to take pictures of whatever nature and forest threw at him, Jason soon realized he was in for a treat. He somehow spotted fresh bear tracks in the snow.

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‘The Boss’ Shows Itself

An hour into the exploration, and ‘The Boss’ showed himself. “I looked over and I’m like, ‘oh, my goodness!’ And there he was — the back of a bear with snow on it. It was glistening in the sunlight,” Jason was quoted saying in a Global News report.


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As Jason went on about clicking ‘The Boss’, he was struck with the realization that the massive 600lb bear had no interest in humans. “He doesn’t really have any interest in humans from what I’ve ever seen or heard,” he said.


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How ‘The Boss’ Gets its Name

One of the most feared and revered bears in all of Canada, Boss is the father to more than half of the grizzly bear cubs in the area. Officially known as ‘No 122’ to the Banff National Park officials, he gets his name ‘Boss’ because of his traits in occupying habitats around humans, without coming into conflict with them.

Dan Rafla, a human-wildlife coexistence specialist with Parks Canada, was quoted in a news report mentioning, “He’s the most dominant male grizzly in the Bow Valley…and there’s nothing else in the food chain that could push him off.”