In a baffling development, a Mexican mayor reportedly married an alligator who was wearing a white dress. The ‘newly-wedded’ mayor also gave his Gator bride a kiss, visuals of which are going viral on social media.

Before you wonder what has gotten into the mayor in question to marry an alligator, we must tell you that the mayor got married and upheld a tradition that is centuries old.

For the unversed, Mayor Victor Hugo Sosa took part in a indigenous tradition that is part of his culture since time immemorial. The tradition’s intent is to bring abundance to one’s village. The incident was reported from Mexico’s San Pedro Huamelula village.

Keeping up with the indigenous tradition, the mayor married a 7-year-old alligator called Little Princess. The alligator is a deity that represents Mother Earth.

The tradition that is observed to bring about good fortunes to a village sees the creature marry the mayor – symbolizing the meeting of divinity and humanity.

The indigenous tradition observed in Huamelula is now mixed with Catholic traditions and hence, involves an alligator being dressed in a beautiful white dress, and getting married to the local leader. In visuals of the ritual, one can see that the alligator’s snout was tightly tied to avoid unwarranted mishaps.

The Facts of the Matter

In various cultures around the world, animals are used by humans in various shapes and form to observe certain rituals. From sacrificing goats, and small animals, to worshipping cows and treating them like an incarnation of God, animals hold a special place in cultures across the world. This often sparks a debate on animal abuse, and whether it is right of humans to use animals to observe these rituals.

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Mayor Marries ‘Little Princess’

A similar debate was sparked recently after a mayor in Mexico went as far as marrying a small alligator to observe a ritual. The mayor, identified as Victor Hugo Sosa, married 7-year-old Little Princess, in a ceremony which saw locals celebrate with music and dancing.

Kissing the New Bride

Throughout the symbolic ceremony, the attendees asked mayor to kiss the bride, and the mayor obliged happily, planting several kisses on the alligator’s snout. To avoid any mishaps or biting incidents, the locals had tightly tied the animal’s jaws.

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What is the Ritual All About?

The marriage with alligator is a symbolic ritual held every year in Mexico’s San Pedro Huamelula. It is reported that the ritual goes back to pre-Hispanic times and originated from the Huave community. As the times progressed, the ceremony also incorporated Catholicism rituals.

Alligator Known as Mother Earth

In the ingenious community, the alligator is considered to be a representation of Mother Earth. The marriage of local community leader and the alligator is seen as the unification of human and God. Locals believe that observing this ritual will bring abundance to their village.

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“Very beautiful tradition”: Wedding Organizer

The wedding was organized by Eli Edith Aguilar, who was quoted in media reports saying, “It gives me so much happiness and makes me proud of my roots. It’s a very beautiful tradition.” She added that she took a long time to decide on what to wear for the ceremony.

Meanwhile Mayor Sosa prayed for enough bounty in the village and said, “We ask nature for enough rain, for enough food, that we have fish in the river.”


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