I don’t find appropriate words to explain what all is happening in this country. We people, sitting in our air-conditioned offices, writing about these cases, enjoying the weekend, getting back to work, can never understand the pain that these people go through when they do not get heard.
A father, a father who has been knocking on the doors of police stations, just to file an FIR against the accused of raping her minor daughter. This is an incident of a village in Chhattisgarh, where this minor girl, who has come to attend a relative’s wedding in a nearby village, is dragged to the bushes by two men and raped. Five more men accompany them and take turns to rape the minor girl.

Traumatized with the incident, the girl commits suicide.

Her friends tell her parents about the reason why their daughter committed suicide.The father hurries up to the police station to file a case against the 7, accused, her friends told them about.
But, what did the police do to him? they dragged him out of the station and threatened him not to come back.

He moved up to the police station multiple times but turned away, always.

On Tuesday morning, the father also tried to commit suicide due to the inaction from the police, and they not filing the FIR.This prompted the police to file a case against the 7 accused men.

Now, what next?
The girl is dead and buried, how to investigate in the case?

They dug the grave and took the corpse of the girl out and sent it for post-mortem.

The poor girl, resting in peace, her corpse is again taken out to investigate.

What next?
Now, this case will turn into a table for the politicians to throw their cards upon. Now, this will become a dirty game for the political parties, and justice will be lost.

This is what happens in this country these days.
This is the new normal for India.
We should also adapt to these changes.

Safeguard yourself and your family. Please do not expect anything from the administration. Do not expect anything from the judicial system. Just be a blind spectator. Just watch shit happening, do not dare raise your voice.

I am against this new normal. What about you?