In Mirzapur, a principal hung a class 2 student upside down for being ‘mischievous’. After the pics went viral, he was fired. Reportedly, the Magistrate of Uttar Pradesh directed a compliant to be filed against the principal after visuals of him hanging a small boy from the school’s first floor went viral. The horrific incident was reported from Ahraura’s Sadbhavna Shikshan Sansthan Junior High School. The District Magistrate took matters in his own hand and also directed a basic education officer to probe into the matter.

The incident comes to light after a Tamil Nadu teacher was caught in a video thrashing and kicking his student. After the Tamil Nadu incident came into light, a Congress MP condemned the action.


As students make their way back to the schools and the wave of COVID-19 recedes, reports of teachers and their brutality has raised an alarm. According to a Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Report, one-fourth of the students in its study claimed disliking going to school. A primary reason of this was the violence they not only endure by their peers in the form of bullying, but by teachers.

The GEM report also indicated to another alarming statistic. According to the report 90% of parents in the nation were reported to support corporal punishment. High-profile education institutes in Indian metros claim to have strict rules against physical punishment of any form. But when one moves to smaller centers, corporal punishment is heavily normalized.

In such an environment another shocking news from Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh has emerged.

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The Facts of the Matter

A school headmaster in a Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh school was arrested after visuals of him holding a young student by his leg upside down on the second floor of the school building went viral. In the images, one can see that the student was left at the mercy of the headmaster as he dangled upside down.

Class 2nd Student Sonu Yadav Punished for Being ‘‘Mishcevious’

According to the reports, the headmaster Manoj Viswakarma had allegedly doled out the brutal punishment as the student was mischievous. The student studies in class 2nd and has been identified as Sonu Yadav. News reports claim that after Sonu bawled in fear and asked for forgiveness, he was pulled by the headmaster.

Class 2nd student Sonu Yadav has been reported as being a ‘mischievous’ boy who bit students on a regular basis. His headmaster took the drastic and problematic decision of giving him his ‘punishment’ during the lunch break on October 28, Thursday.

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Headmaster Threatened Sonu To Apologize or Else..

Reportedly, Headmaster Manoj Vishwakarma threatened Sonu that unless he doesn’t apologize to a student he bit, he would drop him. After a crowd of school students gathered hearing the little boy’s shout of despair, the headmaster pulled the boy and let him down.

Father Claims Punishment Came from “Love”

Meanwhile, according to an NDTV report, the father of the young boy claimed that the headmaster’s action came from “love”. The report also added that the treatment of the headmaster was fair.  Meanwhile, the headmaster was reported to have told NDTV that Sonu’s father had asked him to ‘correct’ him for his behaviour.

Netizens React to Mirzapur Cruel Headmaster

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Principal Booked and Arrested Under Juvenile Act

On October 28, the Mirzapur Police announced that the headmaster was booked under the multiple sections of the Indian Penal Code. Manoj Vishwakarma has been booked under Section 352 (Punishment for assault or criminal force otherwise than on grave provocation), Section 506 (Punishment for criminal intimidation). Further the headmaster was also booked under Section 75 of the Juvenile Act.