In a baffling development, a woman from MP, who was reported as missing, was recently captured on video footage ‘walking on water’, resulting in her being proclaimed as a ‘goddess’ by locals. What simply started as a video of the woman going viral, ended in scores of locals taking to the banks of Narmada River in Jabalpur to get the blessing of the ‘goddess’.

The video of the woman ‘walking’ on water was captioned with – “The video went viral with the caption, “Woman walking on Narmada water surface at Tilwara Ghat.” The woman was soon hailed as the form of Maa Narmada, the goddess of the river. It didn’t take long for locals to gather at the bank of the river, a security cordon being formed around her, and even the police to arrive and investigate the matter.

Ultimately, the woman, identified as Jyoti Raghuvanshi, denied that she had walked on water or that she was an incarnation of any goddess. She revealed to the police that she was a resident of Narmadapuram, who had left home 10 months ago to embark on a journey to circumambulate the Narmada River as an act of devotion.

Jyoti explained that she walked along the banks of the river, and when the water level was low, and the supposed miracle ended.

The Facts of the Matter

In today’s age of social media, misinformation can spread like wildfire, often leading to bizarre and unfounded rumors.

The recent incident in Madhya Pradesh’s Narmada River is a testament to how quickly the rumor mill can spin out of control.

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Video Shows Woman Walking on Narmada Waters

In the quiet town of Madhya Pradesh, a video of an elderly woman walking on the Narmada River’s serene waters surfaced on social media. The news quickly spread like wildfire, and before long, people were flocking to the riverbank to witness the miracle with their own eyes. They hailed the woman as the divine form of Maa Narmada, the goddess of the river, and the rumors quickly started to swirl.

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Rumours Quickly Escalate, Police Rushes to Investigate

As the woman emerged from the water, the sound of drums filled the air, and the crowd swelled with each passing moment. Even the police were called in to investigate the matter, and they formed a security cordon around her to protect her from the frenzied mob.

Woman Was Out to Circumambulate Narmada River

To much of everyone’s surprise, the woman denied that she had walked on water or that she was an incarnation of any goddess. The woman’s name was Jyoti Raghuvanshi, and she revealed to the police that she was a resident of Narmadapuram who had embarked on a journey to the Narmada River as an act of devotion.

Simple Explanation to Miracle

The woman confirmed that she had been walking along the riverbanks and occasionally wading into the river when the water level was low enough to walk on the riverbed.

As per a TOI report the video was not taken at Tilwara Ghat, as previously claimed, but at a location where the water level was so low that the woman was simply walking on the riverbed. However, by then, the rumors had already spread far and wide, and the woman had become a legend in her own right.

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Police Reunites her with Family

Despite her denial, some devotees insisted that the woman possessed healing powers, and anyone she touched would be cured. However, the woman maintained that she only provided advice on indigenous medicine if someone asked for it.

After investigating, the police discovered that the woman had been missing since May 2022, and her family had been searching for her. As a result, they arranged for her to be reunited with her family in Narmadapuram.


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