A female lawyer in Mumbai recently got molested in a train, and took to Twitter to share her plight. In her elaborate thread, she mentioned how a male cop asked her, “Molestation kya hota hai”. The 21-year-old survivor urged the police to sensitize its personnel for such cases and called out the insensitivity of the railway police officers when she reached the police station to file a complaint complain.

“I was sexually assaulted today on my way to work in the local train. While I will be pursuing requisite action against the people I mention in this thread”, she tweeted, adding, “my sole purpose of writing this is a humble request to the @mumbaipolice to sensitise your force and make them aware and accountable for their own duties especially for such sensitive incidents”.

After the Twitter thread went viral, the 21-year-old victim again took to the microblogging platform and informed that her complaint was expedited. Meanwhile, Government Railway Police commissioner Quaiser Khalid reportedly initiated an enquiry in the matter. “An offence of molestation was also registered and is being probed by Borivali GRP,” he was quoted saying.

According to reports, the survivor was molested inside a moving train between Andheri and Jogeshwari.

So far, no arrests have been reported.

The Facts of the Matter

For better or for worse, Twitter is one medium where voices of all kinds can be amplified. While there are times when the feature is misused to spread misinformation and fake violence, often it becomes a medium to amplify the voice of the voiceless.

In one such incident, a 21-year-old female lawyer in Mumbai took to Twitter and shared her plight. The woman was allegedly molested, and was then treated in an insensitive way by the police personnel.

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“Molestation kya hota hai?”

Taking to Twitter, the victim wrote an elaborate thread. In one of her tweets, she mentioned that one of the male cops asked her “molestation kya hota hai (what is molestation)?” when she reached to file a complaint.

“Upon reaching the Andheri Railway Police station, I was visibly distressed and crying. As I spoke to the police incharge and told them I was molested and I’d be comfortable speaking about it to a female cop, the first question he asked me was “Molestation kya hota hai”. (3/n),” one of her tweets read.

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Police Woman Reacts With “Kaam ala”

In a separate tweet, she mentioned how one of the police woman said, “arey baap re kaam ala (oh god, this is going to be a lot of work)” after being told about the details of the case.

“After her going back to her senior and whispering the details to him I heard the male cop say “AREY BAAPRE KAAM ALA” (oh god this is going to be a lot of work). (5/n),” she tweeted.

“Maarna tha na usko”: Cops Give Suggestion as Survivor Relives Horror

In another tweet, she claimed that when she identified the suspect on the CCTV, a police women told her that she should’ve hit him as she is an advocate. “While I identified the perpetrator on the cctv footage at around 11:30 am, one of the police women kept telling me “Arey maarna tha na usko aap toh advocate ho, maara kyu nahi” (you should have hit him since you’re a lawyer, why didn’t you hit him,” the tweet read.

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Police Takes Cognizance

After she took to Twitter, the Government Railway Police took cognizance of the matter and stated that she doesn’t need to come to identify the perpetrator again.

“Hi, an update: I got a call from the borivali police this morning telling me that I didn’t need to re-identify the perpetrator on CCTV and that the Andheri railway police has forwarded the details. This thread did numbers and that’s the reason things were expedited. Thank you,” she tweeted.


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