In a heartwarming incident, a mother suffering from Stage 4 breast cancer got ‘Date my Daughter’ billboard at Times Square, New York. When it comes to getting attention of hundreds of people at the same time, nothing really beats advertising on billboard.

Earlier last week, we reported how a single man in UK put his own profile on billboard and asked people to save him from arranged marriage. In a similar vein, a US mom became ‘wingmom’ for her 30-year-old daughter and got a huge billboard at Times Square which read ‘Date my Daughter’.

Reportedly, the woman’s profile was first spotted by a dating platform called Wingman. When the folks at Wingman heard their story, they decided to have the billboard be hung at the busiest intersection in the world.

The Facts of the Matter

Moms, Indians or otherwise, have a tendency to go above and beyond to find the perfect match for their children. They go to lengths to make connections, apply on various matrimonial platforms, to find the person they feel will be the best suited for their children. While all such attempts are equally laudable, the recent efforts made by 61-year-old Beth, are surely making a lot of buzz.

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Mom Finds Out About Cancer Growth, Sets New Priority

Hailing from Boston, US, Beth suffers from Stage 4 breast cancer. And since she found out that her cancer is spreading further, she had one and only one priority. Finding the perfect match for her. For the same, she made a profile on Wingman. Wingman is a dating platform where friends and relatives make profile for their loved ones to find an appropriate match.

Dating Platform Spots Profile Created by Mom

In her profile, she mentioned the story about her illness and prioritizing finding a match for her 30-year-daughter. Soon, her profile was spotted by none other than the platform’s CEO Tina Wilson. Speaking to the Insider, she was quoted saying, “I swipe through thousands of profiles weekly as part of my job and when I came across Beth’s, she instantly stood out to me as someone I wanted to personally help.”

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Huge Billboard Placed at Times Square by Dating Platform

And that’s exactly what the platform did. The platform gave a little push to “accelerate” the search process, and ended up placing a huge billboard at the Times Square.  At, 47-foot-by-25-foot, the billboard is large enough to attract thousands of eyeballs and create a buzz about Beth and her daughter. Reportedly, the billboard is paid for Wingman and will be at the Times Square for the entire month.

As one would expect, the billboard has already started creating a lot of buzz. Hundreds of emails from potential matches have already been sent for Molly, thanks to her mother’s efforts.

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Who is Molly? What Kind of Match Her Mom is Looking For?

30-year-old Molly was also interviewed by Fox News and was quoted by the outlet saying, “My mom has always taken me on spontaneous adventures, so I wasn’t surprised she wanted to fix me up. But, I didn’t really believe the billboard was real until I saw it with my own eyes.”

So what kind of man would Beth want her daughter to settle with? In her interview to Fox News, Beth claimed that she would appreciate someone who has close ties with his family and a support system of friends. Molly, on the other hand is a world traveler who works in the profession of medical sales. A fitness enthusiast, she is on the lookout for having new experiences.


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