Fake suicide report has left the entire Suman family agitated. Here’s what Adhyayan has to say on this serious matter- Imagine waking up to the news that “you killed yourself!”

Actor Adhyayan Suman had to go through this horror-comedy when on Saturday in an online version of a news channel an announcement was made about he has committed suicide.

Reacting to the outrageous fake news, Adhyayan said,

What can I say? This is not the first time this has happened to me. Earlier some sections tried to end my career and I survived, much to their destruction. But this time it was far more serious.”

Adhyayan’s parents were traumatized, and he would not lie down.

“I can’t laugh it off. It devastated my mother, who has already lost a child and knows the pain,”

actor said.

Adhyayan’s father Shekhar Suman is taking the strongest legal action against the offending channel and his son is ready for it.

Adhyayan responded

Of course, I am with my father on this. They apologized. But a simple sorry can’t undo the damage done. You can’t give me one line as an apology and think you can get away with it.”

The news of the false death of Adhyayan Suman sent shock waves across the country. When his loved ones and fans heard the news on a reputed news channel, they were devastated. Adhyayan was in Delhi for a meeting and his phone was silent. As his parents could not get him, they were shattered.

Adhyayan quoted,

I was in Delhi, traveling. My manager asked me if I was conscious of what is taking place. I was in the middle of a meeting and my phone was silent. When I took the phone to contact my parents, I saw that they named me so on a lot of occasions. I was shocked and it was beyond belief. I spoke to my parents and they have been extremely furious due to the fact they lost their initial son.“

It was out of nowhere for them to hear something so shocking. My mother almost had a heart attack. She went through trauma after hearing about it and any mother would. I spoke to them and said I am fine,“

stated Adhyayan.

The channel telephoned him and apologized and said that they had fired the person who reported that he was dead. “What they consider I will neglect such a huge blunder by them.” Today, if I don’t take any action, they will do this to hundreds of people. You cannot do this. I have realised that they have stooped so low in their life”, stated Adhyayan.

Shekhar Suman and loved ones were ‘devastated’ just after the news channel claimed his son committed suicide.