Monkey Gang War! Yes, you heard it right. Rival gangs of Monkeys clashed on Thailand road which brought traffic to halt and left drivers amazed. Known for its temples, its nightlife and cuisine culture, Thailand also houses thousands of monkeys who reside in the surrounding of abandoned temples and other forest regions. Recently, two gangs of monkeys fought with one another over food and shocked the witnesses.


Monkeys and mayhem are synonymous to each other. In developing nations in Asian subcontinent such as India, Thailand, Sri Lanka and more, monkeys are worshiped and are scared of. In India, monkeys have a special place thanks to Lord Hanuman who resembled our forefathers. Similarly, in other cultures, monkeys have a special place, and thus, are not messed with. But what happens when these monkeys create a ruckus of an epic proportion?

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What happens when harmless monkeys indulge in a brawl?

Several commuters in Thailand got the answer to this question. Harmless commuters who were on their way to destination had to pull brakes as they were surrounded with the mischievous primates indulged in a war of sorts.

From the lens of the camera

In a video sure to go viral, group of monkeys can be seen charging at each other with strength and menace. As the monkeys continued with their tussle, the commuters at a junction waited with bated breath for the ordeal to subside. While commuters in the cars can be seen fixed on the street, bike riders can be seen steering away from the epic brawl.  The videos were first shared by Wisrut Suwanphak.

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Watch Monkey Gang War Here


Posted by Wisrut Suwanphak on Sunday, 25 July 2021


Posted by Wisrut Suwanphak on Sunday, 25 July 2021

Region Popular for High Monkey Population

Soon, the videos were caught by dailies like Daily Mail and Indian Express and the videos have garnered over 10,000 shares and several thousand likes. According to reports, the incident was reported from a region called the Prang Sam Yot. The region is a popular tourist destination as it houses the Phra Kan shrine.

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Monkeys Fought for Same Reason as Humans – Hunger & Survival

As the region is popular destination – and a shrine – thousands of monkeys reside there and get food by the commotion of ever-passing tourists. While the cause of the fight couldn’t be ascertained, several reports are mentioning the fact that due to the COVID-19 restrictions, tourists didn’t visit the city much, and hence, the monkeys couldn’t get their hands on food.

Much akin to humans, these gangs of monkeys too fought for reasons such as survival of the fittest and the desperation of the hunger. The person who apparently recorded the clip claimed that he went on the building’s third floor when he heard the screeching of the monkeys. While he said that monkeys are common in that locality, it was a never-seen-before view of monkeys engaged in a brawl. The man further claimed that the scene was much like a gangster fight in a film.

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“Several monkeys injured, Blood visible”

He further added that the matters went out of the hands when the people on the streets started to honk, aggravating the monkeys and making them indulge in the warfare. An eye-witness was reportedly quoted saying-

“As a result of this incident, several monkeys were injured. There was blood on the road surface. And not until the leader of the losing side resigned himself, they did not retreat.”