As the world fights tooth and nail with the COVID-19 virus, developments have emerged of a new infection being detected – Monkeypox. Recently the US reported its first case of the rare disease in almost 2 decades. The patient is a US-based resident who returned from Nigeria recently. He’s currently hospitalized in Dallas.


According to a Live Science report, the first case of the human monkeypox has been detected in almost 20 years as confirmed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The patient had arrived back to US on July 9 and had flown from Nigeria (Lagos) to Atlanta and then flew to Dallas.

The human monkeypox is an extremely rare disease and the first case was reported ever in 2003, when the virus was reported to have transmitted from African rodents to pet dogs and thus causing a large outbreak. According to NBC News, at least 47 confirmed cases were reported back then.

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, travelers across the world have gotten conscious and at times – paranoid of being the carrier or acceptor of such a virus. However, the new patient had arrived in US in flights, and as masks are a compulsion on flights pertaining to USA, the risk of the virus spreading through respiratory droplet is relatively low.

Meanwhile, the CDC is actually working with the airlines the patient took to alert the passengers and staff who may have been in contact with him.

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What is Human Monkeypox?

The human monkeypox is a viral disease that is usually reported to have originated from the remote regions of Western Africa. According to the World Health organization, the virus is mainly transmitted in animals and mainly rodents, but due to human intervention, the virus can at times ‘jump’ from animals to people.

When it comes to the virus spreading among people, the disease is similar to any viral disease with the virus spreading through the transmission of respiratory droplets. The infected respiratory droplets can then make their way through to the body’s membranes in eyes, mouth and nose.

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How is the virus transmitted?

Further, the virus is also known to have transmitted when a human body comes in contact with infected body fluids and thus, personal protective equipment is a requirement when it comes to treatment. While chances are low, Center for Disease Control claims that the virus can also affect a person when the person comes in contact with infected clothing and other surfaces.

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What are the symptoms of Monkeypox?

According to Live Science, the virus is related to the family of virus that cause small pox and cause mild illness. Further, it’s not known to spread swiftly and easily like COVID-19. Those who may be infected with the virus though will develop flu-like symptoms. They may also develop swelling in their lymph nodes and if the disease spreads, a rash will also develop.

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What is the fatality rate of Monkeypox?

Thankfully, the fatality rate of the strain of monkeypox is as low as 1% and people who develop the symptoms may lose the symptoms in 2-4 weeks. It should be noted though that as of now, there are no well-established protocols in the treatment of monkeypox. However, to control its outbreaks, the CDC has claimed that vaccines pertaining to smallpox can be used.