In a news that truly glorifies woman empowerment, a mother-in-law got her daughter-in-law remarried after her son’s untimely death. She also ended up getting her remarried, and set a benchmark for all the to-be mothers-in-laws across the country. The incident was reported from Sikar, a small city located in Rajasthan, between Agra and Churu. Reportedly, the mother-in-law took the inspiring step in the wake of a tragedy, after her son passed away due to a brain stroke only six-months after his marriage. Reportedly, the mother-in-law, identified as Sunita Devi, pushed the daughter-in-law Sunita to pursue her Master’s degree. Thanks to the selfless motivation, Sunita ended up completing the masters and also got a job as a history lecturer.


According to the National Family Health Survey 5 released earlier in November 2021, states that married women, between the age group of 18-49, who experienced domestic violence, more than doubled from 20.6% in 2014-2015 to 2019.

While this number may sound alarming, an equally horrifying variable must be factored in. The variable of biases in situation where the survey was conducted in a presence of an abusive member of a household where the respondent was unsure whether she will face some tragic consequences of her response.

We all have heard of reports of in-laws abusing their daughters-in-law in the most gruesome manner, to a point that its almost normalized.

However, in a heartwarming incident recently, a mother-in-law saw set a an inspiring benchmark after she helped her daughter-in-law with her education.

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The Facts of the Matter

Sikar resident Kamla Devi was elated after her son Shubham got married to Sunita earlier in 2016. Her son later went to Kyrgyzstan to complete his MBBS. Little did Mrs. Kamla Devi know that her happiness was short-lived. The same year, Shubham passed away due to brain stroke.

Inspiration in the Wake of Tragedy

In such a situation, we have often heard of incidents where the wives of the deceased husbands are often blamed for the tragedy. However, Mrs. Devi made an inspiring decision in the wake of tragedy and pushed her daughter-in-law to get further educated.

According to a Dainik Bhaskar report, Mrs. Kamla Devi took care of Sunita more than her sons and treated her like her own daughter. Such was the love she had for her daughter-in-law that she went on to get her remarried to another man. Sunita’s new husband has been identified as Mr. Mukesh who works as a CAG (Comptroller and Auditor General of India) auditor in Bhopal.

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Mrs. Kamla and Her Progressive Attitude

It should be noted that Mrs. Kamla is progressive and is also against dowry. Reportedly, her now deceased son met Sunita at an event. He then told his mother and family about the meeting and later the family sought Sunita’s hand for marriage. At that time, the financial situation in Sunita’s family was not well. However, Mrs. Kamla paid no heed to the financial woes, and chose Sunita as her daughter-in-law.

Sunita Earns B.Ed, M.A; Lands Job

After Shubham’s demise, it was Mrs. Kamla who made sure that Sunita gets her B.Ed. and M.A. She also helped Sunita prepare for further competitive exams. In 2021 the duo’s persistence and efforts paid off when Sunita finally bagged the position of history lecturer.

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Finding Partner for Sunita

Mrs. Kamla, having seen her son pass away untimely, decided to find a life-partner for her widowed daughter-in-law. Ultimately, the inspiring mother-in-law remarried her widowed daughter-in-law to Mukesh, an auditor in Bhopal. Their wedding was a sight to behold and take an inspiration from, a Storypick report stated.


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