In a video of mother’s love gone viral, a Karnataka woman was seen saving her kid from a giant cobra. The incident was reported from Karnataka’s Mandya and its hair-raising visuals were shared by IFS Susanta Nanda. The video of the incident shows a kid unwittingly coming dangerously close to a cobra at the front of a door. The brave mother who saved her child was identified as Priya.

The CCTV footage shows the main gate of a residence in Mandya district’s Chamundeshwari. Within moments viewers catch the glimpse of a giant cobra slithering slowly. Meanwhile, a child and her mother step out of the main gate. The child unwittingly steps down the step and without looking down, keeps his foot barely a few centimeters away from the cobra.

The giant cobra, sensing a human standing nearby, gets into a defensive stance and lifts up its hood, displaying its large size. Meanwhile, the brave mother in question sees the cobra as well. The woman first tells the child to get back in. However, on seeing the child face to face with the giant cobra, the mother wastes no time and picks the child up and runs to the other side.

The giant cobra, realizing that it too was out of danger, slithers away.

The Facts of the Matter

Cobra species is one of the four venomous snake species found in India. Cobra snakes are responsible for the most number of snakebites in India. Imagine getting face to face with such a species. Even worse, imagine having your child or a family member have an encounter with a cobra. Recently a woman in Karnataka had a similar tell to tale as her young child came inches close to being bitten by a cobra.

The incident transpired in Karnataka and its visuals were caught on camera.

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What Does the Video Show?

The video of the incident shows a giant cobra slithering near the main gate of a residence. Soon, a child and his mother are seen getting out of the main gate of their residence.

The child, unwitting as to what awaits him and his mother, unwittingly climbs down the two steps and brings his foot a few inches away from the cobra. The snake, sensing the presence of a being, lifts its hood up in a clear sign of defence.

Meanwhile, the mother sees the giant cobra, and first asks the son to get back inside. However, seeing how her son is face-to-face with the venomous creature, she displays bravery only a selfless mother would. She quickly rushes in, lifts her kid up, holds him by the shoulder, and rushes to the other side. Meanwhile, the snake, realizing it is not in danger, simply slithers away.

Watch the Video here:

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“Kid would’ve bitten if..”: Father Speaks to Media

According to a TNM report, the mother in question was identified as Priya, a resident of Mandya district’s Chamundeshwari. Vishnu Prasad, father of the child and husband of Priya, told media that he heard his wife’s scream and when he rushed to see the ordeal, found out that she had saved their son. “The kid would have been bitten but somehow she has saved him,” Vishnu Prasad was quoted saying.

14ft Long King Cobra “Stands Up” to Man, IFS Officer Shares Video

Earlier last year in September, a similar hair-raising video had emerged where a 14ft king cobra was seen literally ‘standing up’ to a man trying to rescue it. The video of the incident was shared by IFS officer Parveen Kaswan who captioned the video with, “How not to rescue a snake. Especially if it’s a king cobra”.


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