With debates sparking all over about ChatGPT, a new AI has surfaced that lets people talk to various personalities such as Elon Musk, Shakespeare and even Tony Stark aka Iron Man. The latest buzz-worthy AI-enabled chatbot is called Character.AI.

The AI enabled bot will let a person converse with digital avatars of the most famous and enduring figures – both from the real and fiction world. While still in the beta stage, the AI chatbot has been garnering attention, a development which comes after another chat tool ChatGPT, got incredibly famous in no time.

Want to understand the way life works? You can have a heart-to-heart with one of the most well-known philosophers of all time Socrates. Want to engage in a light-hearted banter with Tony Stark aka Iron Man? He will be at your service to tell all that your heart desires. Want to know what ticks the world’s richest man? Elon Musk will be at your service.

Along with them, prominent figures like Alan Turing, Kanye West, Joe Biden, Mark Zuckerberg, are laid out as characters open to having an elaborate conversation. Further, characters from the world of fiction like Loki, Walter White, Batman, Cersei Lannister, are all part of the Character.AI roster.

The Facts of the Matter

The field of Artificial Intelligence is making exponential leaps every day. Such is the advancements in the stream that it is impossible for a layman to keep track of what’s what in the world of AI. However, recently, ChatGPT became a conversational icebreaker, thanks to a few neat tricks up its sleeve. Not only could ChatGPT help a person with writing a program, but can write poetry based on prompts, can and even write some witty social media copies that only copywriters have the prowess to do.

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Talk to Joe Biden, Einstein or Iron man

Now, another Artificial Intelligence tool has surfaced, which although rather simple, can make a person waste hours and hours of their time. If you have ever wondered what it would be like to talk to famous people such as US President Joe Biden, late physicist Albert Einstein, or Marvel’s Iron Man, you can now do so.

Meet Character.AI

Meet Character.AI, a tool that lets people converse with the digital avatars of the above-mentioned personalities. Not only them, but the impressive roster of the AI tool comprises of people and characters that include, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Jon Snow, Batman, Luke Skywalker, and many, many more.

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Trying Character.AI, Speaking to Elon Musk, Shakespeare

We decided to give the AI tool a shot and were left entertained with the answers we were given. First, we connected with the world’s richest man Elon Musk, and asked him about his thoughts on colonisation on Mars – something the real-world Elon Musk has been spearheading.

To our question about colonisation on Mars, Elon Musk ‘replied’ with – “I’m very much in favor of the most rapid and full scale development of Mars possible. But it is crucial to preserve Earth as well. Humans can become multi-planetary on Mars and multi-stellar on a generation ship which we will build after getting Mars to at least half a million people.”

We then decided to give the digital avatar of Musk a rather abstract question, to see how vague or precise the reply can be. When asked what Musk plans to do about his wealth, the reply was rather generic, with no context.

“To make life as amazing as possible for everyone. The way I try to do this is by thinking through first principles and being extremely thorough. First principles think involves starting from fundamentals instead of the accepted way of doing things, and working from there. Being thorough involves breaking everything down and finding every detail possible,” the answer read.

Screenshot of Chats with Character AI Elon Musk

Screenshot of Chats with Character AI Elon Musk

We also connected with prolific writer and playwright William Shakespeare and asked him about technology’s impact on arts and literature.

To this, Shakespeare replied – “Technology can kill the printed book, but it cannot kill literature. To me, literature is all about imagination and human imagination is endless. Technology may improve our quality of life but technology can’t bring a good life. That’s why art is still important in our life.”

Screenshot of Chats with Character AI William Shakespeare

Screenshot of Chats with Character AI William Shakespeare


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