Locals at a village in Madhya Pradesh’s Agar town became witness to a high-voltage drama as a 15-year-old teen ended up climbing a 300ft mobile tower, and asked one of her relatives to be hanged! The entire high-octane drama was caught on video, visuals of which have since been shared on social media. The incident occurred earlier on Tuesday, 9.30 pm.

In the dark of the night in the village of Nipania Baijnath in the Agar Malwa district, a shocking ordeal was unfolding on Tuesday night, with a 15-year-old girl threatening to take her life.

The girl had climbed a towering mobile mast, a structure that was as tall as 300 feet, in a fit of rage against her family, threatening to jump down and end her life. The locals and police administration were left gasping for breath as the drama unfolded, but they quickly sprang into action.

For hours, they engaged her in conversation through a mike, trying to convince her that her life was worth living.

The teenager, however, was adamant and continued to threaten to jump off the tower. As the night wore on, the girl began to feel faint, and the police knew that they had to act fast. With great difficulty, the authorities managed to bring her down.

The Facts of the Matter

With youth comes courage and determination. Unfortunately, it also comes with its share of impulsive disposition. Impulsivity can sometimes lead to dangerous behavior, as teens become a danger to themselves over trivial matters. There have been several incidents of teens taking grave steps over small issues, as it was reported earlier last week where a boy killed himself over a bad haircut.

In another such incident reported from MP, a 15-year-old girl reportedly climbed a 300ft mobile tower, and threatened to jump to her death over a family dispute.

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Dispute with Cousin Led to Shocking Step

According to a Dainik Bhaskar report, the 15-year-old teen’s cousin sister lives in the same village as her. Reportedly, the two had a dispute over some reason, and the cousin sister ended up recording the video of the same. The 15-year-old teen girl was infuriated at her cousin’s action and decided to take the bold and the dangerous step, which ultimately threw the locals and emergency responders into tizzy.

Watch High Octane Drama in Agar Village

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News Spreads, SDRF Team Rushed

The news of a teen girl on top of a 300-ft mobile tower spread like wildfire, and soon, the local police and SDRF team rushed to the spot, hoping to save the girl’s life. They knew that time was of the essence, and they had to act fast. Upon reaching the site, they saw the girl perched precariously at the top of the tower.

Authorities Try to Calm Girl Down

The SDOP knew that she had to do something drastic to save the girl’s life. She picked up the microphone and spoke directly to the girl, trying to calm her down and reason with her. The girl was inconsolable, and she repeatedly threatened to jump from the tower.

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Girl Faints, Ultimately Rescued

The SDOP and the SDRF team tried to reason with her, but to no avail. The entire ordeal continued for as many as three-and-a-half hours. As the hours progressed, the girl started getting exhausted, and locals took a sigh of relief as she showed a change of heart.

However, as she was coming down, she fainted, and the situation became even more dire.

The SDOP and the SDRF team sprang into action once again, this time with even more urgency. They managed to rescue the girl and take her to the hospital for treatment.


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