In similar fashion to a Ramsay Brothers film, bodies of 5 missing family members were recently found buried in a 10-foot-deep pit. The news comes straight from Madhya Pradesh’s Dewas where a family was reported missing for over a month and was exhumed recently. A total of 6 persons have been arrested by the police so far.


A hair-raising incident was reported from Dewas where the police dug a 10-feet deep pit with the help of a JCB, only to find the bodies of 5 members of the same family. The family was reported missing for over a month and upon continuous investigation, the police landed on the spot of crime How did the police find out about the bodies? Who were the culprits and victims? And why did the culprit take lives of all 5 members? Let’s take a look at the facts of the matter.

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The Victims

According to Additional SP Suryakant Sharma, the victims were – Mamta Bai Kaste (45), her daughters Rupali Kaste (21) and Divya Kaste (14), and Mamata’s relatives Puja Oswal (15) and Pawan Oswal (14). The victims, that range from teenagers – to adults, were reported missing from their home in Nemawar after which the Police issued a full-blown investigation.

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The Accused

Reportedly, Mamta Bai Kaste’s landlord and a dozen others were involved behind this brutal showcase of crime and horror. According to the police, the main accused – Surendra Rajput – was in relationship with one of the victims. After the police carried on with its investigation and the dots were connected, they arrested Surendra and 4 others. Meanwhile the search for 7 other accomplices is still on.

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Sour Love Affair Turns Deadly

The police during its interview with newspersons said that Surendra – the landlord of the family – was having an affair with Rupali but was about to marry another woman. When Rupali found out about that, she went on to post the phone number of Surendra’s fiancé along with her picture on a social media platform.

Little did Rupali know that her action would be the first nail in her coffin. Infuriated, Surendra decided to kill Rupali. Further, he decided to eliminate other family members as thought that they were involved in a conspiracy to break his engagement with his new fiancé.

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The Night of the Crime

On the evening of May 13, he convinced 14-year-old Pawan, who was Rupali’s relative, to bring her to the spot. Further As Pawan knew Surendra, he was convinced by the latter to bring three other victims to the same place as well.

All 5 victims were strangulated to death. The accused also stripped the victims and covered their bodies with salt and urea to make sure that the bodies get decomposed. Later, they dumped the bodies in a 10-foot-deep pit.

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The Investigation That Followed

After the police received a missing persons report, an investigation was initiated. In the interim, the culprits tried to mislead the investigation by sharing messages and pictures on social media platforms from Rupali’s ID. Further, the culprits also shared messages from Rupali’s ID claiming that she had gotten married and her mother, cousins and others were safe.

Smelling foul play, the police looked into Rupali’s phone record and found out that she was in fact in constant communication with Surendra. In the interrogation by police, Surendra evaded the questions about her apparent relationship with Rupali.

Police kept an eye on him and found out that he was in contact with the other accused in the case. On interrogating each of them separately, the police was finally able to get the information and rushed to the field where the family was buried.