In a strange development, a Madhya Pradesh girl called police after her lover boyfriend stopped picking up her call. The police ended up helping the couple got married and gave the story a happy ending. Reportedly, the woman was distraught after her boyfriend had stopped communicating with her altogether. The woman had according to reports, forgotten to wish the man on his birthday. This caused a massive argument between the couple, to a point that the man stopped responding to her calls. Seeing no solution to her problems, the woman took to the police station.


The Indian police get a polarizing rap in India. Conversations about cops revolved around bribery, corruption, and brutality. However, there’s a significant section of cops who still do their duty with utmost sincerity and honesty. While they are mostly in-charge of handling the law-and-order situation, cops in Chhindwara were caught in a completely different soup recently.

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The Facts of the Matter

So you’ve had a fight with your partner and they are not picking up your call. How far can you go to get their attention? Sure you’ll leave missed calls and send them messages on their social media. Sure you’ll reach out to your partner’s friends and convince them to reconnect you both. Maybe you will also visit their home, in a desperate attempt to fix things. But what about police? Will you think of taking to cops, complaining about the situation?

Girl Misses Wishing Boyfriend Birthday

While most of us would not have done that, a distraught woman from Chhindwara did just that. Reportedly, the woman was in a relationship with a man from Sarani. Chief Superintendent of Police Motilal Kushwaha told Freepress that the woman had not wished her lover on his birthday. This caused a massive rift between them. Arguments reached a point where the boy stopped receiving calls from the girl.

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Boyfriend Doesn’t Respond to Calls, Girl Calls Dial 100 Service

In a desperate attempt to fix things, the girl took the biggest leap of faith. She called Dial 100 and spilled the beans. She asked the police to help her reach her boyfriend. The police also didn’t waste any time. The Chhindwara police called the boyfriend to the police station.

Police Counsels Couple, Gets Them Married

After the boyfriend reached the police station, the police counselled them and even suggested them to get married. Soon, the police also roped in the family members who agreed on the suggestion. And it all ended happily as the couple got married in the nearby Arya Samaj Mandir.

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Police Helps Couples Get Married in COVID-19 Lockdown

It should be noted that this is not the first time a couple received assistance from the police in India. Earlier in 2020, when the entire nation was in lockdown due to COVID-19, a couple in Nashik decided to get married at their home. The couple took the decision to not flout any COVID related guidelines.

To appreciate the presence of mind of the couple the police gathered below the balcony where the couple was present. The police then played a Bollywood song and congratulated the couple on the loudspeaker. The Maharashtra CMO’s Instagram handle shared the video with a caption that read, “Congratulating the couple who got “married at home” in Nashik Police Style!”

Similarly, in May 2020, the Pune Police helped a couple get married during the nationwide lockdown. Further, the rituals that were supposed to be performed by the bride’s parents were carried by the police officer and his wife.