In Madhya Pradesh, a man reportedly died after his father chopped off his hand in a dispute over motorcycle keys. The incident was reported from Madhya Pradesh’s Damoh and was reported earlier on Thursday.

The victim in the incident died due to blood-loss after his hand was chopped off by his father. The accused in the matter was identified as 52-year-old Moti Kacchi, while the victim was identified as 30-year-old Santosh.

According to the police, the dispute occurred earlier on Thursday when the accused asked the victim for the keys of their motorcycle to leave for someplace. However, when the victim refused to give the motorcycle keys, the accused started thrashing him.

Further, the accused took the victim’s hand, put it on a wooden platform, and chopped it off using an axe. The accused then took the served hand, the bloodied axe, and reached the Jarat police outpost. He narrated the entire incident to the police.

On learning about the dispute, the police rushed to the spot, and took the victim to the nearby primary health centre. He was subsequentially rushed to the district hospital, where the doctors ascertained that he would need to be shifted to Jabalpur for advance treatment.

The victim succumbed to his injuries while he was being taken to Jabalpur.

The Facts of the Matter

Family disputes are common, and as we call it in India – ‘ghar ghar ki kahaani’, however, some disputes escalate, and turn into a tragedy. Not only do these disputes potentially turn physically violent, often it leads to people harboring resentment and contempt for someone, which often leaves a door open for a crime in near future.

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Family Dispute Leads to Arrest, Death

Recently, a village near Damoh witnessed a horrific family dispute, which led to a father’s arrest and a son’s tragic death. The father was arrested for chopping off his son’s hand, which led to his death, over a trivial dispute of motorcycle keys.

According to reports, the 21-year-old victim passed away due to extreme blood loss, after his father severed his hand with an axe. The accused father took the drastic step of severing his son’s hand after the son refused to hand over the keys of their motorcycle.

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What Triggered the Chain of Events?

Earlier on Thursday, the accused, Moti Kacchi, and his elder son Ram Kisan, asked the victim Santosh Patel for the keys of their motorcycle. According to Additional Superintend of Police, Shiv Kumar Singh, the victim refused to hand over the keys to his father, which enraged his father.

The accused and Ram Kisan both started to thrash the victim. Soon, matters escalated when Moti took Santhosh’s hand, placed it on a platform, and severed it with an axe.

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Reaching Police Station with Axe, Severed Hand

While it is not reported whether he felt remorseful of his actions, or feared the consequences for the same, he reached the police station himself. He went to the Jarat police station with the axe and the son’s severed hand, and narrated the entire ordeal.

Upon learning about the incident, the police team rushed to the spot in Pathariya locality, Bobai village. From there they rushed the victim to the nearby health center.

Victim Succumbs to Injuries

At the health center, the police were told that he would need to be shifted to the district hospital.

After being shifted to the district hospital, the doctors stated that the victim needed advanced treatment, and for that, he needed to be taken to Jabalpur. On his way to Jabalpur, the accused succumbed to his injuries and died due to blood loss.

Meanwhile, the accused – Moti and Ram Kishan – were both arrested for their involvement in the case which led to the victim’s untimely demise.


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