In a heartwarming development reported from Indore, MP, personnel of the city police pooled enough money to buy a motorcycle for a food delivery agent after seeing him deliver food on bicycle one night in the city.

According to reports, while on patrol, some officials of the Indore police saw the food delivery executive Jay Halde sweating profusely as he drove his bicycle fast to complete a food delivery. On seeing the man’s dedication towards his job, Vijay Nagar police station in-charge Tehzeeb Qazi spoke with the 22-year-old food delivery agent and got to know more about his trials and tribulations.

Jay told the police that he is facing several financial troubles and hence, doesn’t have enough resources to buy a motorcycle. Following their conversation with Jay, personnel of the Vijay Nagar police station decided to pool enough money to make an initial payment at a motorcycle showroom.

The police gifted a motorcycle to Jay, and showed how humanity transcends religion, caste, gender or any other social constructs.

Earlier last month, generous netizens on Twitter joined forces to raise money and buy a motorcycle for a Zomato delivery partner who had lost his job due to pandemic and had to deliver food parcels via bicycle.

The Facts of the Matter

As intense heat-wave continues to tighten its grip around nation, many people across the nation continue to work under scorching sun to make ends meet. Traffic cops, delivery agents, street vendors, continue to toil in the Indian summers to do their job. In such situations, some kind gestures and actions go a long way.

Indore Police Sets Example

Some officials from Indore Police epitomized the notion after it pooled enough money to buy a motorcycle for a food delivery agent. The 22-year-old food delivery agent has been identified as Jay Halde, who was seen on a bicycle delivering food.

Police Sees Jay Halde Delivering Food on Bicycle

It so happened that Vijay Nagar police station-in-charge Tehzeeb Qazi saw Jay sweating profusely as he cycled fast to carry on with his food delivery job in Indore. The police were on a night-patrol and tried talking to Jay more about his situation.

On talking to him, the police found out that Jay’s family is under dire financial stress and hence Jay couldn’t afford to buy a motorcycle. While most people would’ve at best empathized with Jay and at worst given him advice, personnel from Indore police did something much above and beyond.

Police Pools Money, Buys Motorcycle for Delivery Agent

Some personnel from the Vijay Nagar police station, including the station-in-charge Tehzeeb Qazi polled enough money to make the initial payment at a motorcycle showroom and bought a motorcycle for Jay Halde.

Pictures after police handed the motorcycle to Jay show a gratitude-filled Jay looking happily at a police official at the police station premises with a brand-new motorcycle ahead of him.

From 6-8 Deliveries to 15-20 Deliveries

After the incident, Jay was quoted saying, “Earlier, I delivered six to eight food parcels on my bicycle, but now I am delivering 15-20 food parcels at night while moving around on the motorbike.”

Meanwhile, the Indore police officials have said that Jay assured the police that he would pay the remaining installments.

Netizens Gathered Money for Food Delivery Agent’s Motorcycle

It should be note that a similar heartwarming incident had emerged recently. Earlier in April, generous netizens on Twitter came together and contributed money for a food delivery agent who had lost his teaching job due to COVID and was forced to make ends meet by delivering food on bicycle.

The entire incident was brought to light by a Twitter user who narrated how Zomato delivery agent Durga Meena delivered his food in scorching Rajasthan heat on bicycle.


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