Recently, some residents in Madhya Pradesh turned a huge pothole into a ‘beach’ as a unique protest against the poor conditions of the road. The unique protest of the citizens of Anuppur garnered lot of attention of netizens on social media, and also shed the light on the poor conditions of the roads.

The protest was all the timelier, as it came just days before the panchayat and urban body elections that are scheduled to be held in Madhya Pradesh. The elections are going to be held in two phases on July 6 and July 3.

Ahead of the upcoming elections, MP residents found a unique way to shed a light on the bad conditions of the road that connects Anuppur and Bijuri Manendragarh. In an attempt to give a huge pothole a ‘beachy’ look, they got some seats, brought some snacks, and even planted flowers.

Videos making round of social media show a few men sitting on the chairs installed right in the middle of the waterlogged pothole and enjoying some beverages and snacks. Meanwhile, popular Honey Singh song ‘Sunny Sunny’ can also be heard playing in the background.

This is not the first such unique protest held by Indian residents. Earlier in 2021, women in Bhopal protested bad condition of roads by doing a catwalk over them.

The Facts of the Matter

Des mera rang reziya babu, ghaat ghaat yaha ghat ta jaadu’.

While these lines are from a famous Indian Ocean song from the film Peepli Live, it is truly fits like a glove for today’s story. ‘

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Hatke Anuppur Residents Hold a Hatke Protest

In Madhya Pradesh, some residents decided to hold a protest against the bad conditions of road. No, they did not gather around the office of local municipal body. Neither did they decide to go on a hunger strike till their demands were heard.

These hatke residents of Anuppur decided to go for a hatke protest which involved turning a huge waterlogged pothole into a beach.

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Pothole Put to Use – Turned into Beach

Ahead of the local urban body and panchayat elections, the residents of Anuppur decided to put a huge pothole on a patch of road that connects the Anuppur and Bijuri Manendragarh into good use. They installed some chairs in the middle of the pothole, played some funky music in the background, exchanged snacks and beverages, and decided to turn the pothole into a beach.

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How the Conditions of Road Worsened

According to an India Times report, the road’s condition has worsened to a greater extent due to the recent rainfall activity. Further, as heavy dumpers frequently commute through the road to unload coal at a nearby site, the condition has deteriorated even more.

As the section connects Anuppur and Bijuri Manendragarh, the locals went ahead and filed complaints multiple times, but to no avail. Facing challenges day in and day out over the bad conditions of the road, the Anuppur citizens decided to take matters in their own hand.


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