In a horrific incident reported from Madhya Pradesh, a retired army man reportedly shot a shop owner over arguments about delay in TV repair. The accused reportedly fired four shots point blank, grievously injuring the victim, who latter succumbed to his injuries. The accused was identified as JB Singh Parihar and the victim was identified as Nilesh Agarwal. The incident occurred earlier on Monday in Mhow, a cantonment located 23 km from Indore.

According to Additional SP Shashikant Kanakne, the accused is an Indore resident. The accused had been going to the victim’s shop for two months for repair of his television. The victim had been delaying the repair and had been giving various excuses when asked about repair.

Earlier on Monday, the accused had a heated argument with the victim on phone. He later visited the victim’s shop, shot him point blank four times. He then came straight to the police station, told police that he killed the shop owner and surrendered.

Additional SP Shashikant was quoted in a Free Press report saying, “Parihar reached Agrawal’s shop at 3pm and fired four shots from his licensed gun that he had brought with him. Two bullets hit Agrawal, one of which pierced through his eye. He died in a nearby hospital.”

The Facts of the Matter

The Mhow police recently arrested an ex-army man who reportedly shot a shop owner down over delay in tv repair. The incident was reported from Gokul Ganj area in Madhya Pradesh where the victim Nilesh Agarwal owned a television repair shop. The accused was annoyed at frequent visits to the victim’s shop for television repair, and over the annoyance, he shot the man down point blank.

The accused was identified as JB Singh Parihar, who reportedly fired four rounds at the victim Nilesh Agarwal point blank. The victim was hit by two bullets, one of which pierced his eye. He was later rushed to the hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. Meanwhile, the accused JB Singh Parihar went to a nearby police station and surrendered.

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Accused was Annoyed at Repeated Visits to Victim

As per preliminary investigation, the accused had given his television to Nilesh for some repairs two months ago. Since then, the accused had repeatedly asked Nilesh how soon will he be able to repair the television and return him.

However, as per the accused’s claims, Nilesh kept delaying the matter, giving various excuses each time. Earlier this week on Monday, things took a turn for worse when the two had another heated argument on the phone regarding the same matter.

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Visiting Accused’s Shop, Opening Fire

Shashikant Kankane, Additional Superintendent of Police, Mhow, said that earlier on Monday, after having the heated argument with the victim, the accused reached the shop with his licensed gun in his possession. On reaching the shop, he opened fire at the victim point blank range.

The accused tried to dodge the altercation. However, two bullets hit him, and one of them pierced right through his eye. The accused fell down and bled profusely in the shop. Bystanders who witnessed the ordeal rushed to the shop and took him to a hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

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Accused Calmly Confesses, Arrested

Meanwhile, the accused decided best to not run away from the crime. He calmly approached the Additional SP’s office, confessed to the crime, and surrendered. The accused was charged with Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code (punishment for murder).


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