In a shocking incident, a woman allegedly failed to pay bribe to the hospital staff and ended up giving birth to a premature baby. Reportedly, the hospital’s nursing staff demanded a sum of Rs. 5,000 and when the family of the mother-to-be claimed that they couldn’t afford to pay the hospital the demanded sum, the nursing staff forced the family and the pregnant woman out of the hospital.

Reportedly, the distressed pregnant woman fell on the road and ended up having the delivery on the road. The newborn didn’t get the appropriate medical attention and was dead before further attention was provided.

Meanwhile, the hospital staff claimed that there was no such demand and the family chose to leave the hospital on their own accord. A 3-doctor panel has been put in place to conduct an enquiry.


As per a survey conducted by Transparency International, India ranked 87th among 180 countries on the perception of corruption in 2020, with lower ranking to be considered the worse. The survey further revealed that India had the highest bribery rate in the Asian continent with 24% Indians freely admitting that they had to bribe healthcare workers, hospital staff or clinic staff to receive appropriate medical care. The survey further added that 41% of responders had to pay bribes to a government official or had to do a favour for an official to simply acquire a document that they were entailed to.

Similarly, another survey by Local Circles, a community platform stated that 2 out of every 5 Indians who received COVID-19 treatment in the second wave of the pandemic had to pay a bribe for treatment. According to survey, 82% of the respondents stated that they had to pay a bribe to get admission or a bed or a ventilator or medicines at hospital.

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The Facts of the Matter

In a shocking incident reported from Bhind, Madhya Pradesh, a woman delivered a stillboarn premature baby on the road after the pregnant mother and her family were allegedly turned away from the hospital. The family allegedly failed to pay a bribe demanded by the hospital.

The allegedly aggrieved woman, who was turned away from hospital, was identified as Kallo, who was six-months pregnant. Kallo is a resident of Rajupura village, Bhind. After she complained of acute pain, she was taken to the hospital in Bhind.

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Family Alleges Being Turned Down for Rs. 5,000

According to a NDTV and New Indian Express report, the family alleged that the hospital staff demanded Rs. 5,000 as bribe. When the family claimed that they didn’t have the money, they turned the pregnant woman away and told them to get an ultrasound somewhere else. The entire ordeal was narrated to news media by the mother-in-law Mithilesh Mirdha.

“On being forced out of the hospital, my daughter-in-law slumped on the road and delivered the baby on the road only. We didn’t have a clean cloth for the delivery owing to which we used my son’s towel for covering the newborn, who died for want of proper medical care,” the mother-in-law alleged, as quoted by a New Indian Express report.

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Hospital Refutes Family’s Claims, Probe Ordered

Meanwhile, Bhind district hospital doctor Anil Goyal claimed that the foetus had died inside the womb. When the hospital staff informed about the same to the family, they left the hospital. Dr. Goyal further claimed that the family was not turned away from the hospital.

A three-doctor panel has been put in the place to conduct an enquiry and investigate the matter.


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