In an incident enough to send shiver down one’s spine, a 16-year-old girl threw her newborn baby from the 2nd floor of a building. The girl is now booked for murder. This incident comes straight from Virar, Mumbai. Interestingly enough, the police also registered a case of rape against a man under the POCSO act who impregnated the minor girl.


Teenage pregnancy can be a challenging phase and an uphill struggle for those who may be dealing with it. However, what happens when fear overshadows all other emotions and one may not to reveal the fact that she was pregnant. For those who are young and caught up in such situation, where all fears are fatal and impulsiveness can get better of them, there needs to be awareness.

Otherwise, incidents like the one at Virar, Mumbai, can continue being common.

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The Facts of the Matter

In Virar, a 16-year-old girl was booked on murder charges after she threw her newborn baby from the 2nd floor bathroom of her own home. The reason for such a cold-hearted move came from fear. The girl didn’t want to be caught by her parents. Throughout the course of her pregnancy, the girl hid her bump by wearing loose-fitted outfits. The girl gave birth to her newborn on Wednesday, August 4 at 11 AM. And threw the newborn immediately after doing so.

Newborn Infant Found in Building Duct Area

The infant, a baby girl, was later found in the duct area of the building about 20 minutes later. The local residents of the building immediately called police. When the infant was rushed to the nearby hospital, it was already too late and she took her last breath at around 12.30 the same day.

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Investigation Begins, Police Zeros in Suspect

Soon, the Virar police swung into action and during the preliminary inquiry, the police were able to zero down on 3 pregnant ladies that were in that particular society. The police were also able to zero down on the fact that the suspect was someone who was part of the society as CCTV footage showed no person leaving or entering the society and the guards too claimed the same.

16-year-old Reveals Truth

The police then started to investigate the bathrooms and bedrooms of the residents of the society and soon saw the bloodstains in the minor girl’s bathroom and all over the window grill. While the girl had earlier dismissed having any information regarding the matter, she soon revealed the truth after the police took her to a gynecologist.

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“Wore Ill-fitted Clothes During Pregnancy”

The girl revealed that out of fear of being caught by family, she threw the newborn infant. Moreover, when the girl’s mother and siblings were asked about the matter, they shared that they were unaware of any such development.

Minor Girl, 22-year-old Boyfriend booked

The girl has been booked under multiple sections of the Indian Penal Code – Section 315 (Act done with intent to prevent child being born alive or to cause it to die after birth) and Section 301 (Punishment for Murder).

Moreover, the police also booked a 22-year-old man, who’s allegedly the boyfriend of the minor girl, with rape charges under the POCSO act. An Indian Express report quoted a police officer from Virar Police Station saying-

“The case has been transferred to Arnala police station as the crime occurred in their jurisdiction. The boyfriend is likely to be arrested.”