In a shocking incident reported from Mumbai, a fitness trainer was recently held for allegedly raping a Telegu actress under the pretext of marriage. According to reports, the accused was arrested earlier on Tuesday by the Mumbai police for the alleged rape.

The accused, identified as Aditya Ajay Kapoor, had met the 24-year-old alleged victim, at the residence of a mutual friend in Mumbai’s Bandra. They both had exchanged contact information, and had over the time stayed in touch.

The accused’s relationship with the victim grew over the course of time. As per the police, the accused formed physical relationships with the Telegu actress and promised to marry her. However, when the 24-year-old victim asked for marriage, the accused insisted only on keeping physical relationship. When the victim denied, the accused started abusing her and assaulted her. He further sent the victim obscene messages to the parents of the victim, going as far as threatening to kill her. Frustrated with the harassment, the victim approached the police.

Following the victim’s complaint, an FIR was registered under sections of the Indian Penal Code pertaining to rape and the accused is also booked under the IT Act. Further probe is on in the matter.

Earlier in August, singer and composer Rahul Jain was accused of raping his costume stylist. He had called the allegations ‘baseless’.

The Facts of the Matter

A 24-year-old Telegu actress was allegedly raped by a Mumbai-based fitness trainer under the pretext of marriage. The accused is identified as Aditya Ajay Kapoor, who met the 24-year-old alleged victim at the home of a mutual friend in Bandra. Both Aditya and the victim exchanged phone numbers during their first meeting.

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How the Accused & Victim Met

Aditya and the victim stayed in touch over the course of time and as per a Mumbai police official, they formed a relationship. Quoting the First Information Report (FIR), a Mumbai police official also added that Aditya had physical relations with the victim by promising to marry her.

In her complaint, the victim alleged that Aditya raped her repeatedly at his residence in Mumbai’s Cuffe Parade, and in Goa. Despite the promises of marrying the victim, the accused wanted to maintain physical relationship.

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The Broken Promises

When the 24-year-old Telegu actress asked about their marriage, the accused insisted on keeping the relationship physical. Enraged over her denial to keep physical relations, the accused started abusing her and assaulted her.

The accused went as far as sending obscene messages to the victim’s parents, and further threatened to kill her. Frustrated with all the harassment, the victim finally approach the police and filed a complaint at the police station.

Accused Held, Booked Under IPC & IT Act

Initially, an FIR on rape charges was filed at the NM Joshi Marg police station. However, it was later shifted to the Cuffe Parade police station as the alleged crime had been committed under that particular jurisdiction.

For now, a probe is on in the incident. Aditya Ajay Kapoor has been booked under sections of IPC including section pertaining to rape, and sections of the Information Technology Act, 2002.

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Mumbai Second in Most Crimes Against Women: NCRB

According to National Crimes Record Bureau, crimes against women in India in 2021 had a sharp 22.9% surge when compared to 2020. As per the report, Delhi registered the greatest number of such cases (13,982) among the 19 metro cities with Mumbai coming second in the list with 5,543 such cases.

Shockingly, crimes against children also saw a significant 16.2% increase in 2021 against 2020. A total of 1,49,404 cases of crimes against children were registered in 2021 and a total of 1,28,531 such cases were registered in 2020.


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