In a strange incident, a Mumbai-based girl drunk-ordered biryani worth Rs 2,500 all the way from Bengaluru. Zomato, the food delivering giant, ended up reacting to the incident and confirming that the girl did end up receiving the biryani she ordered. Biryani is a widely popular dish in India, so much so that it was the most ordered item on Zomato, with as many as 186 such deliveries per minute in India.

So it must not come as a shock to anyone when a woman ended up Rs 2,500 worth biryani after a night of drinking. However, what’s interesting is that the woman somehow ended up ordering the dish from a restaurant all the way in Bengaluru. In a deleted tweet, the woman wrote, “Did I drunk order 2500 rs worth of biryani all the way from Bangalore…”. Meanwhile, the woman’s account on Twitter was found to be deleted.

As per screenshot floating on social media, the biryani was ordered from a restaurant called Meghana Foods, which is hailed for producing one of the best biryani dishes in the city. Later, Zomato reacted to the incident and tweeted, “Subii, you’ll have a happy hangover once the order is at your doorstep. Do let us know about the experience.”

The Facts of the Matter

For many people across the nation, nothing really beats the combination of a nice drink and some lip-smacking biryani on the side. The rice-based dish is widely popular in India, and food-delivery giant Zomato in its year-end review confirmed that Indians ordered 186 biryani dishes per minute the last year.

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“Did I drunk order..”

A Mumbai-based Twitter user by the name ‘@Subii’ is one such biryani lover. Such is the love for the dish, that she ended up ordering some biryani worth Rs 2,500 from a restaurant. What makes the ordeal amusing, is that the Mumbai-based woman ended up choosing a restaurant all the way in Bengaluru.

In one of the screenshot going viral, the restaurant appears to have confirmed the order, and promises the delivery to be completed the next day, sometime around 3-6 pm.

“Did I drunk order 2500 rs worth of biryani all the way from Bangalore…”, Subii wrote, in a now-deleted tweet.

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“Happy hangover”: Zomato Reacts

So, did Subii get the biryani she drunk-ordered. Those who assume that a delivery from Bengaluru to Mumbai wouldn’t be possible can stand corrected, as Subii did receive her order. Later, Zomato also joined the fun and reacted to the ordeal, wishing her “happy hangover”.

“Subii, you’ll have a happy hangover once the order is at your doorstep. Do let us know about the experience,” Zomato tweeted, assuring that the Mumbai-resident will receive the order.

While the woman’s tweet, and her account stands deleted for some reason, reports claim that the woman also shared an image of her enjoying the biryani.

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Biryani Courtesy Zomato Intercity Legends

Many netizens remain baffled as to how the woman could order something all the way from Bengaluru to Mumbai. To shed light on the matter, Zomato once again promoted its newest service called Zomato Intercity Legends.

“Zomato Legends is a new offering by Zomato that ensures delivery of India’s most iconic dishes from legendary restaurants across cities by using mobile refrigeration technology which increases the shelf life of the dish. Hopefully, this information will help you to try out this offering,” the company said.


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