In Mumbai, a leopard recently entered a residential building and attacked multiple people, injuring a 35-year-old teacher. The incident is being reported from Kalyan, a highly-populous suburb in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Shocking video surfacing on the internet shows a leopard pouncing from one spot to the other in one of the many residential buildings as people shout and scream in confusion and panic.

At least two people are reported injured in the incident. 39-year-old Rajiv Pandey, a teacher by profession, sustained injuries on his head when he was attacked by the leopard while it was wandering about. A Hindustan Times report also quoted one of the residents saying, “Residents from our building saw the leopard jumping to the Anugraha tower around 8.30 am. They also tried to drive it away using a stick.”

Following the incident, a team from the Sanjay Gandhi National Park was rushed to the spot to catch and rescue the leopard, who was later spotted stuck on the terrace of a building. “After the rescue, we will figure out how the leopard entered the residential building. The entire team is working on the safety of the residents,” a forest officer was quoted saying.

The incident comes barely two months after a toddler attacked and killed a toddler in Mumbai’s Aarey Colony.

The Facts of the Matter

Since years, leopard and human conflicts have been part of the Mumbai-news cycle. While leopards and humans had been having a relatively peaceful cohabitation, the sudden increase in leopard attacks have sparked a debate on whether leopard behaviour towards human have changed.

In yet another incident, a leopard recently entered a residential building in Mumbai’s Kalyan, and has been creating havoc since the morning of November 24.

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Kalyan Residents in Panic

Earlier on Thursday morning, residents of the Shreeram Anugraha in Kalyan East’s Chinchpada area woke up with the sounds of confused and panic screams. As people took to streets, they were met with the horrific news of a leopard attacking people in one of the residential buildings.

At least two people have been reported injured in the leopard attack, as visuals of the wild leopard, wandering one place to the other has surfaced on the internet.

Watch the Video here:

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Teacher Sustains Injury on Head

As per Anita Gangawane, who was quoted in a Hindustan Times report, residents from one of the buildings saw the leopard jumping to the Anugraha tower sometime around 8.30 am earlier on Thursday morning. The locals tried to drive the leopard away using a stick. However, their efforts went in vain.

Meanwhile, one of the residents, 38-year-old Rajiv Pandey, reportedly suffered injuries to his head, after the leopard attacked him.

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Officers from National Park Rushed

Soon, a team of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park was called to catch and rescue the leopard and release it in the wild. Mr Shrikant Raut, a forest officer told media that the first and main aim is to rescue the leopard safely. After the rescue, the officers will figure out how the leopard entered in the building in the first place.


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