In Mumbai, a man reportedly killed himself after recovery agents of an instant loan app harassed him over repayment of loan he allegedly never took. According to reports, the recovery agents drove the man to suicide by sharing his morphed nude pictures to his friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances. The family of the victim has alleged that the recovery agents were harassing the victim for repayment of a loan that he never actually availed.

According to police involved in the matter, the victim had earlier spoken to his brother about the alleged harassment he was being subjected to. He alleged that the loan recovery agents were calling him repeatedly, abusing her on call and threatening him to pay back his loans. Meanwhile, the victim kept telling the loan recovery agents that he never took the loan over which he was being harassed.

A police complaint was also filed in the case but the harassment continued. Earlier this week on Wednesday, the man’s colleagues at the jewellery manufacturing unit he worked at received his morphed nude pictures, following which he took his own life.


Following the ‘Digital India’ revolution, instant payment and instant lending businesses have tapped into the unmet needs of Indian masses and have mushroomed ever since. Further, thanks to pandemic, apps promising quick returns have also grown exponentially. Unfortunately, due to lack of financial literacy and citizen rights, people continue to pay exuberant amount of interest rates.

Meanwhile, those who fail to do so, are often harassed by debt collectors, which activists have linked to spate of suicides in the country.

In the long spate of such incidents, a 38-year-old man in Mumbai killed himself following the harassment of loan recovery agents. However, in his case, he hadn’t even availed the said loan, his family has alleged.

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The Facts of the Matter

In Mumbai, a 38-year-old man died by suicide following intense harassment by loan recovery agents of an instant loan app. The loan recovery agents reportedly sent morphed nude pictures of the 38-year-old man to his friends, family and colleagues to make him pay back the loan which his family alleges, he never took in the first place.

Man Gets Abusive Call for Repayment of Loan he Didn’t Take

Reportedly, the deceased worked at jewellery manufacturing unit. Back in April, the deceased contacted his brother and told him he was being harassed by loan recovery agents. He complained that the loan sharks called him, repeatedly threatened him, and abused him to pay back a loan. Even after the deceased told the recovery agents that he had not taken the loan in the first place, they continued with the harassment.

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Complaint Filed, Harassment Continue, Things Escalate

After being subjected to the harassment, the deceased filed a complaint at the police station. However, the ordeal continued and he continued receiving the calls. Earlier this week on Wednesday, things escalated to a point of no return when the deceased’s female colleagues at the manufacturing unit received the deceased’s morphed nude pictures.

Complaint Filed Against 6 Men

Following the incident, the accused took his life in Kurar, Mumbai. The police have taken cognizance in the matter and a case of abetment to suicide has already been registered against six persons. The accused men reportedly used multiple phone numbers to contact the deceased in order to avoid getting nabbed. The police are in the process of tracing the six numbers and an investigation is on.

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Pune Man Killed Himself Over Similar Incident

Earlier in January, a man in Pune killed himself after harassed by loan recovery agents for a loan he never availed. Reportedly, the accused used a similar tactic and had sent the 22-year-old deceased morphed nude pictures to his relatives for a recovery of loan amounting to Rs. 8,000.

Probe that followed following the death of the 22-year-old victim stated that he had filed an application for a loan of Rs. 8,000 at a finance company. He soon started getting messages for the repayment of the loan. Over the frustration of being harassed, the victim took his life. Later, the probe revealed that he had never received the loan amount.


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