In a horrific incident reported from Mumbai, a man shot his girlfriend in broad daylight and then jumped in front of a moving vehicle to end his life. Although initial investigation led authorities to suspect that the deceased man died due to accident, it is now being reported that he deliberately jumped in front of the moving vehicle. The incident was reported from Mumbai’s Boisar.

In the distressing video of the horrific killing, a woman was seen walking on the street and talking on the phone. Out of nowhere, a man sneaks up behind her and shoots her point-blank range. The woman instantly collapses and lies lifeless on the road. Meanwhile, the man points the gun on his temple and tries to pull the trigger twice, in a bid to kill himself.

According to reports, the deceased man was identified as Srikrishna Yadav while her victim was identified as Neha Mahato. It is being reported that the couple had gotten into an argument near the TIMA Hospital in Boisar when the accused pulled his pistol and shot her.

The deceased accused fled from the scene and ran for around 500 meters when he spotted a moving vehicle. He deliberately hit the vehicle and was run over. He was rushed to the hospital and was pronounced dead.

The Facts of the Matter

The scrutiny of motives behind crimes in Maharashtra in 2021 revealed that a majority of killings took place due to various kinds of disputes, along with personal vendettas, illicit relationships and love affairs. In 2021, the state ranked third highest when it came to murder cases, NCRB reported.

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Murder Turns Into Murder-Suicide Case

Earlier this week, Maharashtra’s Mumbai witnessed another such horrific killing, which within minutes of it, turned into a murder-suicide case.

In Mumbai’s Boisar, a man killed his girlfriend with a country-made pistol, and then threw himself onto an oncoming vehicle.

The deceased in the matter have been identified as Srikrishna Yadav and his girlfriend Neha Mahato. Srikrishna’s actions were caught on CCTV, distressing visuals of which, have gone viral.

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What Does the Video Show?

In the video gone viral, a woman can be seen walking on a relatively deserted road in broad daylight. Out of nowhere, a man comes in the frame and gets dangerously close to her. Within moments, he pulls out his weapon, and shoots her from behind, point-blank range.

An elderly man, who was walking ahead of the woman, is seen shocked at the ordeal. Meanwhile, the victim’s killer takes the gun and points at himself, pulling the trigger twice, in a desperate failed attempt to take his own life.

Watch the Video here (Discretion Advised)

Accused Jumps Onto Moving Vehicle

After the deceased accused Srikrishna Yadav took his girlfriend Neha’s life, he fled from the scene. He ran as far as 500 meters when he spotted a moving vehicle. In a bid to take his life, he jumped onto the vehicle, and was run over. Although he was rushed to a nearby hosptial, he was pronounced dead.

The deceased woman and man’s body was sent for an autopsy. Meanwhile, Srikrishna’s country-made pistol was sent for forensic examination as well.

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Victim Mother’s Gives More Insight

According to a TOI report, the deceased woman’s mother told the police that Neha and Srikrishna had been in a relationship for a year. However, Neha’s parents were against the relationship as Srikrishna had denied to marry ner. Her mother also told police that she had informed Neha that if Srikrishna does not marry her, she would start looking for alliance for her.


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