A senior female cop in Mumbai was caught on video slapping a Chinese food stall cook. The incident was reported from Keshavrao Khadye Marg near Mumbai’s Haji Ali circle and occurred earlier on Wednesday. The woman’s actions were caught on video, which subsequently made its way to Twitter and WhatsApp. Following the incident, a non-cognisable (NC) complaint was filed against the senior cop.

The video of the incident shows the female cop making sure that the stall and its seat is removed from the busy road. The female cop then has a brief exchange of words with a man in white shirt, who then lifts a bucket from kept on the roadside. However, something irked the female cop who assaulted the man with two tight slaps.

The complaint was filed by the cook identified by Mohammad Salim. The female cop who was caught slapping the man was identified as Mubarak Shaikh. Reportedly, Salim worked at the food stall when Mubarak arrived and asked him to remove the stall from the busy road. Salim also alleged that Mubarak slapped his co-worker, Parsuram Sahu.

Meanwhile, Shaikh alleged that she had asked to put away the stall owner to remove the furniture as it occupied the busy street and no space was left for pedestrians to walk. She also claimed that she shared pictures of the location with her seniors.

Menace of Street Hawkers – Who is Responsible?

Due to overpopulation and less means of employment, over 50% of the urban labour force is in informal work in Asian developing countries. Street hawkers make a significant subset of those who are in such informal jobs.

And while the city is growing, they do not include plans for those who are informal trading activities. Thus, such individuals are often forced to trade on busy streets, where more often than not, they are found occupying a large space.

This is equally bothersome for cops, who have the responsibility to ensure that the rights of pedestrians and commuters are not breached.

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Mumbai Female Cop Caught on Video Slapping Cook

In one such situation, a senior female cop in Mumbai was caught on video slapping a Chinese food stall cook while he was made to remove his stall which occupied the busy Keshavrao Khadye Marg.

The female cop’s actions were caught on video, visuals of which are going viral.

What Does the Video Show?

In the video, a female cop is seen overseeing the cook of a Chinese food stall get the stools and furniture of the stall away from the busy street. As the man removes all the peripherals of the stall, he has a brief exchange of words with the female cop. The man then goes to lift a bucket of water kept on the road side when the female cop out of nowhere slaps him twice on his face.

Watch the Video here:

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Complaint Filed

Following the incident, a non-cognisable (NC) complaint was filed against the cop based on the written complaint of Mohammad Salim, the cook of the Chinese food stall. The female cop in the matter was identified as Mubarak Shaikh.

As per the complaint, Salim was working at the food stall earlier on Wednesday when the senior female cop arrived. In the complaint, Salim also alleged that the cop also slapped his co-worker Parshuram Sahu.

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Female Cop Gives Explanation

Meanwhile, the female cop claimed that the food stall owners occupy the pavement completely. The furniture of the stalls occupies the pavement, which leaves no space for pedestrians. She mentioned that this causes pedestrians to risk their lives and walk on carriageway.

She also added that she explained the situation to her seniors and also shared pictures of the location to them.


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