A tragic incident occurred in Vasai where a 27-year-old woman, known as Pratima Yadav, tragically died while riding on the back of a two-wheeler. Her scarf got caught in the bike’s back wheel, which resulted in her falling onto the busy Mumbai-Ahmedabad national highway at Naigaon. This event happened on Sunday, August 20, and a case of accidental death has been opened by the police.

Pratima and her spouse, Manishkumar, who reside in Kandivli, had visited the Tungareshwar temple in Vasai that same morning. The mishap occurred on their way back home when Pratima’s scarf got wound up in the back wheel of the motorbike as they passed the Bapane bridge.

Following this, Yadav was flung from the motorbike and dragged along the road for a brief moment until the bike came to a stop. Despite being quickly taken to a nearby hospital, she was pronounced dead upon arrival.

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