In a horrific news coming from Mumbai, a woman was arrested for drowning her 3-month daughter. Incidentally, the woman had filed a fake kidnap case earlier to distract the police and muddle the investigation.  The 33-year-old accused was arrested in Mumbai’s Kala chowkie police station and is identified as Sapna Makdum. Reportedly, the woman took the drastic decision to drown her daughter after being harassed by her husband and husband’s family as they wanted a male child. The woman is held for drowning her 3-month daughter and dumping the body in a water storage tank.

It should be noted that a similar incident was reported earlier from Ujjain. In the Ujjain crime, the woman had searched for ways to drown her daughter on Google. The victim was a 3-month-old.


According to India Human Development Survey conducted in 2011-12, a staggering 77% of parents expected to spend their old age with their sons will 7% preferred living with their daughters. In the same report 60% of the people claimed wanting one son will 40% wanted 2 sons.

There are several factors for such preference in India. The deep-rooted discrimination and stigma around girl-child, practices like dowry and patriarchal norms that are normalized.

And while one would think that the data is from 2011-12, and things have changed, the recent reports tell otherwise.

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The Facts of the Matter

36-year-old Sapna was harassed by her husband and her husband’s family for a male child. After enduring the harassment for a long time, Sapna took the drastic decision of drowning her 3-month-old daughter at her home in Mumbai’s Kalachowki area. On Thursday, the police arrested the woman for her crime.

Woman Files Fake Kidnapping Complaint

The incident came into the light when the woman first made a fake complaint to the police about her baby being kidnapped. Sapna had claimed that an unidentified woman had administered a sedative to her and went on to abduct her her baby.

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Police Swings Into Action, CCTV Footages Investigated

Based on the complaint, the police filed an FIR on Tuesday. The woman also shared the appearance of a woman to the police, based on which, a sketch was issued. Soon, the police swung into action. Teams were formed who first tracked down all the CCTV camera and its footages near the area where the incident supposedly transpired.

Smell of Foul Play Strong, Police Earns Trust of Woman

Meanwhile, the police tried to get more information from the woman and her husband. The police somehow smelled foul play. They went on to earn the trust of the woman during the interrogation and asked her whether it was her who was involved in her baby’s disappearance.

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Heart-Wrenching Confession Made

The accused could not lie for long and eventually broke down. She confessed that she had thrown her baby daughter into a water tank kept inside her house. Meanwhile, the police were able to get heart-wrenching information from the woman.

Reportedly, the women got married back in 2011 and had her first child, a daughter, in 2013. The second time she conceived, her in-laws used ‘black magic’ to find out the sex of the baby. Claiming that she was going to give birth to a girl, they forced the woman to get an abortion.

When she gave birth to another baby girl in August this year, her husband and her in-laws boycotted her. Due to the constant harassment, the woman drowned her months old daughter. Further investigation in the matter is underway.