In a bizarre incident reported from Mumbai, a woman who took Rs 5,000 to play the character of wife to a man, found herself stuck in a real-world drama as her ‘husband’ fell in love with her and refused to let her go!

Eventually, the police had to intervene and rescue the woman, and initiated a lookout for the husband who took the script too seriously!

The actress had agreed to the arrangement through her friend Ayesha’s husband, Karan. They travelled to a village in Madhya Pradesh where she was introduced to Mukesh, who seemed to take an instant liking to her. Things escalated quickly when Mukesh informed her that she would have to play his wife in front of his family, and they ended up tying the knot in a temple.

For the next few days, the actress played the role of a homemaker, but things took a turn for the worse when she tried to call it quits. Mukesh refused to let her go, claiming that it was a genuine marriage and that he had paid Karan for her hand in marriage.

It’s safe to say that this actress’s short stint as a fake wife didn’t exactly go as planned. However, at least she can add “surviving a fake marriage” to her acting resume.

The Facts of the Matter

Actors in the city of Mumbai are known to take the smallest of roles to make ends meet.

In this case, one young actress agreed to play the role of a wife for a few days, unaware that it would lead to a case of serious wedlock. What started as a harmless game quickly spiraled out of control, leaving her trapped in a makeshift marriage with no end in sight.

It all started when a 21-year-old woman agreed to a rather unconventional proposal – to “marry and play wife” for five days. Sounds like an odd request, but she was offered Rs 5,000 for the gig, so she thought, why not?

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Woman Meets her “Husband”

The offer came from her friend Ayesha’s husband, Karan. On March 12, Karan and the woman made their way to Mandsaur village in Madhya Pradesh, where they met up with Karan’s acquaintance, Mukesh. Now, Mukesh wasn’t just any old friend of Karan’s – he was the man who would be the woman’s “husband” for the next five days.

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Man Makes Woman Tie a Knot with him in Temple

Mukesh and the woman hit it off right away, and he decided that he wanted to take the game to the next level. He told her that she would have to play his wife in front of his family. Not one to back down from a challenge, the woman agreed. And that’s how they ended up getting “married” in a temple, with Mukesh’s family in attendance.

For the next five days, the woman played the role of a homemaker, living with Mukesh in his home. But when the five days were up, she tried to end the charade. She told Mukesh that it was time to bring down the curtains on their little drama.

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Charades End, Woman Reaches Out to Cops

But Mukesh wasn’t having it, having already fallen for her. Feeling trapped, the woman decided to reach out to a friend from Mumbai for help. The friend alerted the officials at the Dharavi police station, and before she knew it, the cops were already on the way to rescue her and she was safely brought to Mumbai.

For now, the cops are on the lookout for Ayesha and Mukesh.

The story is an interesting example of how one should always read the fine print before signing up for anything, especially when it involves playing husband-wife with a stranger!


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