In an incident straight out of a poorly written crime show, a Mumbai-based woman robbed her own home, and stole Rs 8 lakhs to elope with her ex-husband. She went on to create a crime scene in a desperate bid to avoid getting caught. However, the woman’s actions were eventually traced by the cops, who arrested her for the theft. The incident took place in Malad, a north-Mumbai suburb.

The complainant, Jyotiram Shedge, who works as an estate manager, had lodged a police complaint last year when he discovered that his house had been ransacked and Rs 4.7 lakh in cash and gold and silver ornaments had been stolen. However, little did he know that his own wife, Payal Shedge, would be the main culprit behind the crime.

On May 7, Jyotiram and Payal had left for Sangli to visit a family friend. When they returned on May 13, they found the lock on the internal door missing and the cupboard broken.

During the investigation, the police found only Payal’s fingerprints around the cupboard. After repeated inquiries with her, she finally admitted to the crime and revealed that she had called her ex-husband when Jyotiram had gone to service their car on May 7.

The police have booked Payal for the offense and are now searching for her ex-husband.

The Facts of the Matter

In a shocking incident that has come to light, a woman was recently arrested for conspiring with her ex-husband to steal cash and jewellery from her own house. The incident, which took place in Malad, highlights how spouses can sometimes go behind their partners’ backs to commit crimes, causing immense shock and betrayal within the relationship

The incident took place with the Shedge family who reside in Malad, a north-Mumbai-suburb.

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Husband Finds House Ransacked

The incident dates back to May 7, 2022, when the Shedge family had just returned home from a trip realising that their house had been ransacked. Jyotiram, an estate manager, found that the lock on the internal door was missing, and the cupboard had been broken into. The couple’s bag containing cash and ornaments worth 8.3 lakhs was missing.

Jyotiram immediately approached the Kurar police station to file a complaint. The police team led by assistant inspector Pankaj Wankhede started investigating the case. Unfortunately, there were no CCTV cameras in or around the house, and the fingerprints found were only of Payal, Jyotiram’s wife.

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Investigation Ensues, Wife Admits to Conspiring with Ex-Hubby

As the investigation progressed, the police questioned Payal multiple times. After initially denying any involvement in the crime, Payal eventually admitted to her involvement in the burglary. She revealed that she had conspired with her ex-husband to commit the crime while Jyotiram was away.

While Jyotiram had gone to work, Payal called her ex-husband and handed over the cash and jewellery from her house.

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Wife Created Crime Scene, Planned to Elope with Ex-Hubby

Perhaps inspired by a run-of-the-mill crime scene from an uninspired 90s thriller, she then broke into the cupboard and scattered the belongings around to make it look like the house had been burgled.

The police have booked Payal for the crime and are now on the lookout for her ex-husband. “Payal had been planning to elope with her boyfriend and was waiting for the case to go cold so that she would not be suspected,” Satish Gadhve, senior police inspector of Kurar police station, was quoted saying.


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