In startling new revelation from the Lalbaug murder case, where a woman killed her mother and chopped her body, has now been reported to be inspired by police-procedural drama Crime patrol. According to other reports regarding the same incident, the accused daughter used as many as 200 perfume bottles to hide the smell emanating from the rotting corpse.

According to police sources, Rimple Prakash Jain, a 24-year-old woman, allegedly took inspiration from an episode of the popular television show Crime Patrol to chop up the body of her 55-year-old mother, Veena Prakash Jain.

Reportedly, the victim wasn’t murdered, but the act of chopping was her daughter’s idea. The victim had fallen from the stairs and had sustained severe head injuries. Instead of taking her mother to the hospital for treatment, Rimple kept her at home due to financial constraints.

It has been reported that while at home, Rimple kept watching Crime Patrol and it was here that she got the idea of disposing of the body discreetly. She then got an electric marble cutter, chopper, and knife from a nearby store, which she used to chop her mother’s arms, legs, torso, and bones.

Rimple then wrapped the body parts and stored them in the cupboard, waiting for an opportunity to discard them far away.

The Facts of the Matter

The case of Lalbaug woman chopping her mother’s body in several parts and keeping them stored in her cupboard has sent waves of shockwaves across the nation. After the 24-year-old accused woman, Rimple Jain, was arrested, an investigation was kicked off, which brought forth new revelations.

On a fateful day in December, Veena Prakash Jain fell off the stairs of her building and sustained grave injuries.

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Daughter Chose Not to Take Injured Mother to Hospital

Her daughter, Rimple Prakash Jain, who was living with her at the time, chose not to take her to the hospital due to financial constraints.

Veena eventually succumbed to her injuries, but Rimple’s panic only grew as she realized she would be left homeless and penniless if the truth of her mother’s death were to come out.

The Elaborate & Gruesome Plan

So, Rimple hatched a plan. She got the idea to dispose of her mother’s body discreetly after watching episodes of the television show Crime Patrol, which depicts real-life crimes.

She purchased an electric marble cutter, chopper, and knife, and used them to chop her mother’s arms, legs, torso, and bones into several parts, which she stored separately in her flat.

She then used over 200 bottles of perfume and air fresheners to mask the odor.

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Cutting Ties Off with Neighbours, Gruesome Discovery

Rimple cut all ties with her neighbors and would sit by the window watching the traffic for weeks. Whenever anyone asked about her mother’s whereabouts, she spun a fictitious tale about her being on a trip to Kanpur.

But the truth could only be hidden for so long. Eventually, the police were called to the scene, where they found Veena’s dismembered body wrapped in plastic bags and stored in the cupboard and bathroom.

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The Initial Refusal & The Confession

Initially, Rimple denied any knowledge of the situation, but during interrogation, she confessed to her heinous crime. The police sources revealed that Rimple had not killed her mother in the first place, and it was an accident.

But the act of dismembering the body was a deliberate attempt to cover up the truth. Two men who ran a Chinese eatery stall in the neighborhood had helped Rimple transport the body back to her flat. They had even suggested taking Veena to the hospital, but Rimple was unable to afford the medical expenses.


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