A Mumbai-based youth was recently duped of Rs 76,000 over a period of one month under the pretext of an escort service role. The complainant was reportedly contacted by a woman who offered him the job of an escort and in a month, duped the youth on the tune of Rs 76,000. The 21-year-old complainant worked in a car wash company, and was looking for ways to generate side income.

The matter came to the fore after the complainant approached the Chunabhatti police and told the authorities about how he was duped. Reportedly, the complainant had looked for escort services on the internet earlier in August. He provided his details and other relevant information on a website.

As such, he was contacted by a woman who offered him the job of an escort. The woman introduced herself as Sonam, and asked the 21-year-old youth to pay a sum of Rs 1,000 as a registration fee. This was the beginning of a long con that spanned for a month.

Over the course of month, the scamster was able to swindle the youth of Rs 76,000 on multiple pretexts like taxes and more.

Earlier in April this year, a 27-year-old man was duped of a whopping Rs 17.6 lakhs under the similar pretext.

The Facts of the Matter

While we have all been told, and have told others that there is no such thing as easy money, and no such thing as a free lunch, many of us continue to be duped in such hopes. Scamsters across the nation have been using technology and psychological tricks to target vulnerable people who may let their greed get better of them.

In one such incident a Mumbai-based youth was duped of Rs 76,000 in a period of just one month, under the pretext of an escort service role. The matter came to the fore after the scam victim took to the Chunabhatti police and filed a complaint.

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How the Mumbai-Youth Became a Target

As per the cops, the 21-year-old victim of scam worked at a car washing company, and was looking for a way to generate a side income. Earlier in August, the youth was surfing escort service websites and gave his contact details and other information on such platforms.

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Paying “Registration Fee”

Soon, he received a call from a person who identified herself as “Sonam”. The person on the other side of the call told him that he can make quick money by working as an escort. After gaining trust of the youth, the scammer asked him to pay a “registration fee” of Rs 1,000.

This was the first of many such successful attempts to dupe the victim. Over the course of the next month, the accused duped the youth on the tune of Rs 76,000 on various pretexts, such as paying taxes.

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Pune Youth Duped of Rs 17 Lakhs Under Similar Pretext

While the incident may sound like it is a rare con job, such instances of scams are on a rise where modus operandi remains similar. Earlier in April this year, a Pune-based youth got duped of Rs 17.6 lakhs under similar pretext. The scamster promised the youth a job as an escort where he would be paid Rs 3,000 per hour.

Over the course of time, the victim was forced to cough up money under different pretext, including licence fee, room rent, drop facility, late fee, and more.


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