The new CCTV footage of the Jharkhand judge Uttam Anand’s alleged accident has fueled speculation and has made people to wonder, was it a murder or an accident? The alleged hit-and-run accident happened on Wednesday when Additional Judge Uttam Anand was out on a walk.

Now the CCTV footage has been taken to the Supreme Court where CJI N.V. Ramana claimed that he had contacted the Jharkhand High Court.


The alleged hit-and-run case of the Jharkhand additional judge Uttam Anand has taken a new twist with a SIT (Special Investigation Team) being formed to probe into the accident. On Wednesday morning, Mr. Anand was hit by a 3-wheeler vehicle when he was out on his daily morning jog.

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Special Investigation Team formed to probe Judge Uttam Anand’s ‘Accident’

The SIT has been formed amid new development of a CCTV footage being recovered from the scene of accident. While it still hasn’t been confirmed, the footage shows that the driver of the vehicle may have hit him deliberately during Mr. Anand’s walk.

Meanwhile, the police have already arrested the driver of the vehicle in what it looks to be, the murder of the Dhanbad district judge. Further, two associates of the driver have also been arrested from Giridih and the tempo has been held for further probe.

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What did the CCTV Footage Show?

In the footage, the Jharkhand judge can be seen casually jogging by the roadside. The timestamp of the CCTV footage shows that the incident occurred sometime around 5 AM on Wednesday morning. In the footage’s frame, a three-wheeler tempo like vehicle appears, behind the Jharkhand judge.

The tempo then takes from the middle of the road and rushes towards the sidewalk region. As there were no other vehicles on the road, it can be safe to say that there was no need for the vehicle to do so.

The tempo then runs over the judge and the driver doesn’t get out of the vehicle to see whether the judge is okay. Instead, the vehicle can be seen speeding away from the spot and the judge can be seen lying knocked out on the road.

Watch CCTV Footage Here

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What happened after the accident?

After the accident, the judge was taken to the medical college by the by passers. However, the doctors claimed that he was dead long before he was brought to the hospital. The judge’s body was later identified by his driver who was accompanied by the police team after a report of road accident was made.

Initially, it was reported that the Dhanbad judge had died in the road accident. However, with the new CCTV footage surfacing, a new angle of deliberate hit-and-run has come in the picture. And thus, the new SIT has been set-up.

“I have constituted an SIT led by the city SP who will look into all possible reasons. The CCTV footage and all related aspects would be analysed and identify the vehicle. We have respected the victim’s family members to file a complaint and we will register an FIR,”

-said Dhanbad senior superintendent of police (SSP) Sanjeev Kumar.

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Matter Brought to Supreme Court’s Attention, CJI Comments

After the footage was revealed, the whole matter was brought to Supreme Court’s attention by SCBA (Supreme Court Bar Association) President, Vikas Singh. Mr. Singh wanted a CBI investigation in the matter. The SCBA in its statement also said-

“This is an attack on the independence of the judiciary. This looks like a premeditated attack on the judge.”

In the matter, the newly appointed Chief Justice of India N.V. Ramana told Singh that the Jharkhand High Court has taken up the case and he has already contacted them in the matter.

According to reports, Judge Anand had recently rejected the bails of two gangsters who were part of Aman Singh’s gang.