In a heartwarming incident, Muslim neighbours in Churu, Rajasthan came in aid of a Hindu man who reportedly sold land for his mentally challenged children’s treatment. The heartwarming story of Sanwarmal Sharma receiving help from his Muslim neighbours is being seen as a milestone in India’s journey to be a country with communal harmony at its core.

Residing in Rajasthan’s Churu, Sanwarmal Sharma has three children, all of whom have been dealt challenging cards by fate. The two daughters and one son are all mentally challenged. For their treatment, Sharma sold his house, and ancestral land. However, his efforts went in vain as their condition never improved. The heartbreaking ordeal for Mr. Sharma and his family prolonged and they continued moving pillar to post for their children’s treatment.

Their Muslim neighbours took them onto themselves and came together to help Mr. Sharma’s family. They offered them 300 yards of land, and put together Rs 80,000 to help Mr. Sharma. Further, they are also constructing a room for the family to live and are contributing to provide basic amenities for the broke family.

Mr. Sharma’s three children are 18-year-old Vijay, 17-year-old Puja and 14-year-old Aarti. As all three children are dependent on their parents, Mr Sharma is still fighting against odds to keep his family together.

The Facts of the Matter

In the increasingly polarizing times, where communal issues are becoming a concerning norm, a heartwarming development has emerged from Churu, Rajasthan. The development proves that humanity is above all man-made constructs and communal harmony can alleviate pain and turbulations for the troubled.

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Sharma Family & Their Trials

Mr. Sanwarmal Sharma resides in Churu’s Ward No. 58 of Churu, Rajasthan with his three children, all of whom are mentally challenged. For his children’s treatment, Mr Sharma ended up selling his home, his ancestral property and other valuables.

Father of 18-year-old Vijay, 17-year-old Puja, and 14-year-old Aarti, Mr. Sharma moved from pillar to post to make sure his children could live a better tomorrow than a painful yesterday.

However, his efforts were in vain as his children’s condition didn’t improve. In such turbulent times, it was Mr. Sharma’s Muslim neighbours who stood by his side.

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Muslim Neighbours Come in Aid of Mr. Sharma

Residing in Ward 42, family of Ishaq Khan decided to lend a helping hand to Mr. Sharma and his family. They gave Mr. Sharma a 300-yard land and constructed a room on the land for Mr. Sharma to reside with his family. They also collected a sum of Rs 80,000 and gave it to Mr Shama.

Example of Communal Harmony Set by Muslims

The 300-yard land was from Ishaq Khan’s own two bigha land near the ancestral Dargah. He got the land registered on Mr. Sharma’s name. While the room for Mr. Sharma is under construction as doors are yet to be fitted, Ishaq Khan decided to find another way out for Mr. Sharma’s family. He rented a room for the family so that they can have a shelter for the time being. The efforts of Ishaq Khan and his family are being looked as examples of communal harmony.

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Hindus Save Tajia from Burning During Muharram Procession

Earlier this year, another incident of communal harmony was reported from Rajasthan’s Udaipur.

On the holy occasion of Muharram, Muslims in Udaipur had gathered and took out a ‘tajia’. The 25-feet-structure was being carried near the locality of Kanhaiya Lal, who was slain by radical Muslims earlier this year.

As the Muslim residents in Udaipur took out the tajia, some locals spotted the top of the 25-feet-structure set ablaze. While the Muslims participating in the procession failed to spot the fire, Hindu locals spotted the fire and quickly swung into action.

Without wasting a moment, Hindu locals brought out buckets of water and dumped them on the burning tajia. Before the fire could spread and cause damages, the fire was doused.


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