Bengaluru citizens recently tagged city’s pothole as landmark on Google Maps, and wrote some hilarious ‘reviews’ claiming the “landmark” is a “must visit” in the city. In the past, Bengaluru citizens have taken some unique steps to protest against the city’s pothole situations, going as far as doing a ‘pooja’ to invoke the ‘pothole God’, ‘moonwalking’ on the potholes, and more. Now, they have gone one step further to call out the city’s administration in a unique way.

In another desperate bid to shed light on the city’s pothole menace, Bengaluru citizens recently started geo-tagging one of the potholes on Google Maps. Recently, a netizen on Twitter shared screenshot of ‘Abizher’s pothole’ in Bellandur, Bengaluru.

While the location was removed by Google after the news spread like wild fire, several users took to the platform to give a 5-star rating and write some hilarious reviews of the “destination” on Google Maps.

“Very good pothole. Must visit at least once. Guaranteed to hit your chassis in the right places”, one of the reviews read. “Top tier pothole, great location very close to many grocery stores and all good schools,” another witty review read.

The development came a day after the Karnataka High Court gave the BBMP a deadline to cover the city’s potholes.

The Facts of the Matter

Thanks to technology, ways of protesting against civic body failure have transformed drastically. Gone are the days of doing hunger strikes and writing elaborate letters to civic bodies. Now, power of social media is harnessed by concerned citizens to shed light on their woes and issues.

In one such development, irked Bengaluru citizens recently started tagging a pothole in the city as a “landmark” on popular map interface Google Maps, and wrote some satirical reviews.

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‘Abizer’s Pothole’ – Bengaluru’s Newest Attraction

It so happened that a pothole in Bellandur, Bengaluru was given the name ‘Abizer’s pothole’, and was geo tagged on Google Maps as a “Historical landmark in Bengaluru, Karnataka”. After the news of the pothole appearing on Google Maps went viral, several users rated the pothole with 5-star rating.

The matter came to the fore after a Twitter user took to the platform and shared a screenshot of the location and the reviews it received on Google Maps. “In Bangalore, Potholes are landmarked on Google and have reviews 😂😂”, a Twitter user wrote.

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“Top Tier Potholes”

In the satirical reviews, many users wrote how the pothole is near schools and grocery shops, and added how the pothole can give people a chance to test the suspension of their vehicle.

“Top tier potholes, great location very close to many grocery stores and all the good schools,” wrote a person, giving the pot hole a five-star rating.

“Ever since its appearance, real estate is booming in the area, in case you are inconvenienced by the pothole. There is a conveniently located physiotherapist right opposite,” read one of the reviews.

“Great idea, Name it After MLA/MP”

“A great idea to pin it on Google. Could’ve named it after the local corporator or MLA/MP. Let them have their day on Google as well when their pothole tops search results,” quipped another commentator.

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Karnataka HC Gives BBMP Final Date to Fill Potholes

The development came just a day after the Karnataka High Court gave Bengaluru’s civic body BBMP a final date to fill up the over two-hundred identified potholes across the city. A division bench of the Karnataka High Court slammed the BBMP and said, “You convey the sense of urgency. Tell him (BBMP commissioner) the seriousness of this situation and its urgency. If we are not shouting, it does not mean we are not serious.”

The court gave the civic body 10 days to fill up the 221 potholes identified so far.


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