A viral video of a Bihar teacher singing a song on beating the heat is winning the hearts of netizens. While the Indian Meteorological Department is issuing heatwave alerts on a daily-basis, the Bihar teacher’s alerts are far catchier and more melodious.

The teacher in question can be asking his students to not go out in the scorching heat by his song that goes – ‘Na jana na jana’. The teacher in question is from a primary school in Samastipur district, Bihar and has been identified as Badiyanath Rajak.

The video shows Mr. Rajak singing about how to deal with heatwave with two water bottles hanging around his neck. Behind him, one can see a blackboard with the word ‘Loo’ (heatwave) written in a giant font in Hindi.

In a pleasantly surprising and melodious voice, the teacher sings, “Jab dhoop rahe khoob tej, toh bahar na jana. Khud ko rakhna ghar mai sahej, ki bahar na jana (When sun is harsh, keep yourself protected by staying home and not going out).”

The viral video has so far been viewed over 1 lakh times, with many netizens lauding the teacher.

The Facts of the Matter

With mercury rising to forty, and even forty-five degrees Celsius at a lot of places, reports of people falling sick, and even losing their lives due to rising temperatures have emerged. The unprecedented and record-breaking heatwave has even taken as many as 125 lives in Maharashtra so far, the highest since 2016.

While most adults know how to take care of themselves and manage living in such hot weather, it’s the children and elderly who are often the least protected. Recently a video of a teacher from Bihar singing a song on how to deal with the heat has been going viral on internet.

Bihar Teacher Identified as Badrinath Rajak

With two water bottles hanging around his neck and the word ‘loo’ written boldly on the classroom blackboard, the teacher sings on perils of summers, importance of being hydrated, and more. The well-intentioned teacher has been identified as Badiyanath Rajak.

Mr. Rajak is a primary school teacher in Samastipur district, Bihar. It is stll not ascertained whether the teacher was taking a normal class or a workshop related to the matter. In the viral video, Mr. Rajak in a melodious voice sings, “Jab dhoop rahe khoob tej, toh bahar na jana. Khud ko rakhna ghar mai sahej, ki bahar na jana (when there’s scorching heat outside, stay indoors and keep yourself safe, don’t go outside).

“Lagta hai dharti bhi jalne lagi hai..”

Talking about the ongoing heatwave, Mr. Rajak sings “Garm hawaein bhi chalne lagi hain, lagta hai dharti bhi jalne lagi hai (the hot winds are blowing, it feels like the earth is burning).

Mr. Rajak further talks about not coming to school empty-stomach and and staying hydrated by consuming water-filled fruits. “Bhookhe kabhi na tum school aao, kakri-kharbooje ka bhog lagao (don’t come to school empty stomach, make sure to consume fruits like cucumber and muskmelon),” the song goes.

Meanwhile, students in the class can be seen paying attention to the teacher and even burst into applause for the teacher’s unique way of demonstrating the perils of the heatwave.

Watch the Video Here:

Netizens React Positively to Bihar’s Teacher Unique Song

Netizens were quick to react to the video on Twitter with many users commending the teacher’s unique way of teaching an important concept to children during such a crucial time.


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