In a strange incident reported from Nagpur, a 15-year-old girl eloped with and married a 20-year-old youth as she was afraid of her mom’s scolding after getting late. The girl was rescued earlier on Friday night after the cops were on their toes for as many as five days.

The minor girl was reported missing earlier on June 13, following a plan of action was put in place to trace and rescue the girl. The boyfriend meanwhile has been arrested and a rape, and kidnapping case has been registered against him.

Earlier on June 12, the girl had gone to see her boyfriend. After getting too late, the girl was too scared to have an encounter with her mother. Petrified of her mother’s anger, and in an attempt to avoid her scolding, the minor simply eloped with her 20-year-old boyfriend.

Initially, the youth decided to take the girl to her relative’s place for some refuge. However, when no help was provided to the couple, the couple moved to a rented room. After moving to the rented room, the couple tied the knot at a Jaripatka temple.

The police meanwhile were able to trace the couple through the help of technology and the boy’s relatives who showed the police where the couple had taken shelter.

The Facts of the Matter

Often, young love is not only romanticized, but glorified. Glorified to an extent where one only sees the world with red-coloured tinted glass, thus missing all the red flags. Recently, a couple in Maharashtra suffered the consequences of going against the law in a bid to keep their love alive.

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Nagpur Girl Recued by Police

A 15-year-old girl in Nagpur was recently rescued by the police after she eloped with her adult boyfriend and tied knot with her. The minor girl decided to elope with her boyfriend as she didn’t want to face her mother’s anger and wanted to avoid her scolding as she had gotten late at her boyfriend’s place.

Earlier last week, the Nagpur police were thrown in a state of tizzy after they received a missing person’s complaint. For the next five days, police were on toes in their attempt to rescue the 15-year-old missing girl. On Friday, the girl was finally rescued.

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Girl Eloped with Boyfriend Over Fear of Mother’s Anger

On June 12, the girl had gone to see her boyfriend. Later, she was too scared on being late and was petrified to see the anger of her mother and brother for being late. To avoid the anger of her mother, the minor simply decided to elope with her boyfriend.

Couple Tied Knot at Temple

The 20-year-old youth first took the girl to a relative’s place. He also sought help from friends. On realizing he was on his own, the youth rented a room for himself and his girlfriend. After a couple of days, they decided to get married and tied the knot at a temple.

Police Acts on Complaint

Meanwhile, acting on the missing person’s complaint, the police started investigating the CCTV footages obtained from multiple localities. On tracing the girl’s mother’s cellphone, the police found three numbers that led them to some clues.

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What Led the Police to the Couple

The three numbers belonged to three persons that the girl had chosen to be in contact with in the past. After deliberation and investigation, the police zerod in on one suspect with the help of a two-wheeler registration number that was part of one of the pictures that were scrutinized.

According the police the youth had destroyed his own SIM card but had to use his relative’s phone to speak with his mother after he eloped with the minor.

Youth Behind Bars, Charged with Kidnapping and Rape

The police tracked the youth’s mother’s number. They then asked the mother to direct them towards wherever the couple were in hiding.

The minor has been rescued while the boy has been put behind the bars. A case of rape and kidnapping has been registered against him.


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