Vedant Deokate from Nagpur is recently in the news for bagging a head turning Rs. 33 lakhs job in US, and losing the same in no time after it was revealed that he is only 15-year-old. The teenager from Maharashtra’s Nagpur won a web development competition held by a US-based firm. In the span of mere two days, the Nagpur-based teen wrote 2,066 lines of code, and competed with 1,000 participants.

At the end of the competition, Vedant was adjudged the winner. Further, he also received a job offer from the company for a lucrative Rs. 33 lakhs per annum package. However, things took a drastic turn of events after the human resource department of the company found out that Vedant is not of legal age and ultimately withdrew the offer.

However, Vedant’s hard work was not all to waste as the company asked him to approach them again after he completes his education. ““We are impressed with your experience, professionalism and approach,” the company in its letter mentioned.

For the competition, Vedant created a website called, a platform where one can upload videos from YouTube, have blogs, vlogs, and can create their profile to get followers. He used Javascript, HTML, and Virtual Studio (2022).

The Facts of the Matter

We have all heard of the phrase “age no bar”. The phrase is usually used in narratives where a person does something that is not expected of people their age. However, age was certainly a bar for Vedant Deokate, a Nagpur-based teen who lost a lucrative job offer because of his young age.

15-year-old Vedant Deokate is an avid tech junkie who loves to code and develop websites. Recently, he participated in a web development competition held by a US-based firm. Although Vedant entered the competition casually, he gave the competition his all.

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2,066 Lines of Code, 1,000 Competitors

In two days, the teenager wrote 2,066 lines of code and competed against 1,000 competitors from across the globe. The teenager’s work was so good, that he ended up fetching a job offer with a package of Rs. 33 lakhs per annum.

Job Offer Withdrawn

According to reports, the firm wanted Vedant to join their human resource department, so that he could assign and delegate work to other coders. The 15-year-old coder was on the moon for receiving the job offer. However, when the company learned that Vedant is just a teenager, they withdrew the job offer.

For the competition, Vedant created a website ‘animeeditor’, where a user could share videos from YouTube, add blogs, and vlogs, and also create a profile where their content can be liked and they can be followed. Vedant created the website in Javascript and Virtual Studio.

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Efforts Not For Vain

Interestingly, Vedant’s efforts were not in vain as the company appreciated his work and professionalism, and asked him to complete his education and approach them again for a job. A TOI report quoted the email sent by the company to Vedant.

“We are impressed with your experience, professionalism and approach,” the New Jersey-based company stated, adding that the team enjoyed his presentation and found value in his insights into the company’s strategy.

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Parents Engineering Professors

It should be noted that Vedant’s parents are professors in different engineering colleges in Nagpur. A TOI report quoted Mr. Rajesh, Vedant’s father, saying, “Vedant had received the email from the US company and was confused what to do with it. He was also not sure whether it was fake.”

“My son told his teachers about the email, who verified them, and were stunned when it turned out to be authentic. They helped my son write back to the company, and told them he was only 15 and studying in Standard X,” Mr Rajesh added.


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