In a shocking incident reported from Nagpur, a father ended up tricking his daughter into writing a suicide note, and then enacting suicide. The accused father then kicked the stool the girl was standing on and killed her. In the note, the deceased girl shifted the blame of her “suicide” on some relatives in order to implicate them in the carefully planned aftermath she had no idea about.

The incident was reported from Maharashtra’s Nagpur and occurred in the city’s Kalamna area on November 6, cops reported on Saturday. The cops got to the truth of the matter thanks to the deceased victim’s younger sister, who spilled the secrets of her father to the police, leading to the accused’s arrest.

During interrogation, the accused told cops that he created the plan after watching some crime show on TV. The accused’s motive was to implicate his second wife and her family. To do such, he asked his 16-year-old daughter to write a suicide note, alleging harassment and sexual exploitation by second wife’s family.

He then asked his daughters to do a “fake suicide drama” and started capturing it on phone. When his 16-year-old daughter was on the stool with a rope around her neck, he kicked the stool, leading to her death.

The Facts of the Matter

In order to implicate his second wife, and her family, a man in Maharashtra’s Nagpur convinced his 16-year-old daughter to write a elaborate suicide note. He further asked her to “enact suicide drama” and when the girl was on the stool with a rope, he kicked the stool and ended up killing her. The accused has been arrested.

The cops got to the bottom of the truth thanks to the deceased girl’s younger sister, who spilled the secret to cops in a questioning. The accused was then taken into questioning, and a hair-chilling account of the turn of events surfaced.

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Accused Tricks Daughter to “Enact Suicide Drama”

On November 6, the accused woke up his 16-year-old daughter and the younger sister sometime around 3 am, and asked them to stage a fake suicide drama he wanted to capture on his phone. He then asked tricked his eldest daughter to stand on a stool, have a rope around the neck, and tied the rope to the ceiling.

Taking Pictures, Kicking the Stool to Kill Daughter

Further, he also asked the 16-year-old girl to take her tongue out and close her eyes, and pose in similar fashion to take pictures of the incident. When all was said and done, the accused man kicked the stool, which led to the 16-year-old girl’s death.

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Cops Suspect Foul Play

The crime only came to the fore after the cops were able to recover the deleted images from the accused’s phone. A TOI report quoted senior police inspector Vinod Patil of the Kalamna police station saying, “We were not convinced by the family’s reaction after the girl’s death. No one seemed to be upset. Moreover, images in the mobile phone of the father were found to be deleted.”

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Accused Wanted to Have Second Wife Implicated

The accused was taken into questioning. In the interrogation, he claimed to have come up with the idea of his daughter’s murder after watching a crime show. The whole motive behind the man’s heinous actions was his desire to implicate his second wife and her family.

To do so, he first asked his 16-year-old daughter to pen a suicide note and asked her to write that she was taking the grave step as her step-mother and her family were harassing her. Further, the man also asked his daughter to write in the letter that she was being sexually harassed by her step mother’s brother, and that the step mother’s parents were pressuring her into getting married.


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