In Nagpur, a 15-year-old teen delivered a baby watching YouTube videos, and then proceeded to strangle the infant and hide the body in a box. According to reports, the 15-year-old teen is an alleged victim of sexual exploitation by a man who she met on social media. Following the incident being reported, a case was registered.

According to reports, the 15-year-old teen met a man, identified as Thakur, on Instagram, who befriended her. The two bonded over time, however, the victim never knew the man’s full name, address, or any other crucial details that may have been helpful to nab him in the immediate aftermath of the incident.

Furthermore, the man communicated to the 15-year-old only over messenger and voice calls, thus, making his number unavailable for the authorities. If that was not all, the 15-year-old’s mother also smashed her phone a few weeks ago when she found out that she had been using the phone to communicate with strangers.

The matter came to the fore when the mother saw blood stains at several places. While the teen tried to mislead her mother, citing her menstruation as the cause of blood trail, the truth soon was revealed.

As per the cops, the man in question asked her to meet him, and then took him to a friend’s place, where he forced himself on her.

The Facts of the Matter

Victims of sexual abuse who are impregnated by their assaulters may feel pressured to hide their pregnancy due to the social stigma attached to being a victim. This can lead to risky behaviors, including committing crimes to keep their pregnancy a secret. Such actions can further exacerbate the negative consequences of teen pregnancies.

In one such incident, a 15-year-old teen in Nagpur strangled her newborn after giving birth to the newborn by watching YouTube videos. The victim was impregnated by a man she met on Instagram.

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Teen Met the Accused on Instagram

According to reports, the 15-year-old girl met a man named Thakur a few months ago on Instagram. After developing a bond with the teen, Thakur lured her into meeting him on the pretext of a friendly visit and took her to a friend’s place.

There, the man made the teen drink alcohol, and in the state of the teen’s intoxication, he proceeded to rape her.

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Mother Finds Trail of Blood, Truth Uncovered

Earlier on Friday last week, the victim’s mother saw several blood stains in the victim’s room after she returned from home. The 15-year-old first misled her mother, citing that her menstruation was the cause of the blood trail. However, she then broke down and confessed to giving birth to a baby girl.

The minor was rushed to Mayo Hospital, where Ambazari police was alerted. During preliminary questioning, the police gathered that the teen had been watching YouTube videos to train herself to go through the childbirth all by herself.

After she gave birth to the newborn girl, she strangled her with a belt to make sure the baby’s cries would not alert the neighbours.

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Case Complicated, Accused Shared No Personal Details to Teen

While investigation has been kicked off in the matter, the lack of any crucial leads has made the case complicated. As per reports, the girl never knew the man’s name, or address. Further, as the man only communicated with her over social media video calls and texts, his number too remains out of reach.

If that was not all, the teen’s mother also broke her phone when she found out that it was being used to talk to strangers on the internet. The police have registered a case under the POCSO Act, and have sought out the assistance of cyber experts to trace the man.


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