Recently a poll was conducted by the famous UK Magazine British Herald based in London. The poll was to determine which among the nominated candidates is the most powerful leader in the world.

The candidates who were nominated included, Mr Vladmir Putin, (President of Russia), Donald J Trump ( President of USA), Narendra Modi (Prime Minister of India) and Xi Jinping ( PresidentChina). Our beloved prime minister was the only person amongst the four who held the position of Prime Minister. Rest of the three was holding the top-most position of their respective nation i.e. President.

The magazine conducted a poll on its website where their readers could vote for their candidate. The candidate who would win shall be titled as “World’s Most Powerful Leader – 2019”. Not only this, the most voted individual shall go on to become the face of the magazine’s July edition which is due to release on 15th July 2019.

Unlike conventional voting methods, British Herald used an OTP based voting system to avoid duplicity of votes. The poll went live and soon the website was crowded with the readers to make a vote in favour of their favourite leader. In very less time the website crashed. Although the poll ended up on Saturday with a vote count of total 3 million votes in a week’s time.

The polls were analyzed to get the most surprising results. Chinese President bagged 21.9% votes beating US President Donald J Trump who got only 18.1% votes, to get the 3rd position.

Vladimir Putin earned 29.9% votes but he is not the most powerful person in the world now. Yes indeed, the ChaiWala has done it again. Narendra Modi Ji, the beloved Indian President won the poll with 30.9% votes in his pocket. He is titled as the “World’s Most Powerful Leader – 2019” and he is going to be on the cover of the magazine’s July edition.

Indeed he has earned his way up to earn this title. We Indians are proud that our leader is making a mark on the world. Shiksha News congratulated NaMo on this achievement.